Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner // REVIEW

Today's post is going to be a review of Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner that everyone seemed to love when it first hit the stores.

My liner is in a smaller size because I bought it in a set a month ago. The set came with the original size They're Real mascara, a sample size of the They're Real Push-Up Liner and a one-use sample of the They're Real Remover for 24,95€ which I thought was a great deal (the mascara is usually this price alone) and a good time to try out the liner without having to pay the full size in case I didn't like it or didn't get along with it since I'm an eyeliner loser. 

The idea behind this eyeliner is that it is a gel formula but in a pen form. Usually gel eyeliner come in a tub and you have to apply it with a seperate brush. Gel eyeliner is known for lasting longer than liquid or pencil liners do but are the hardest to apply for a newbie.

As you can see the nib is angled and it has a little slit where the product comes out. The nib on the front has a rubber material so it's quite flexible but hence the angled end it makes it easy to apply your cat eye flick. The product comes out by you twisting the bottom of the pen a few times and the gel will come out. At first you might have to twist the bottom like 10 times until something starts to happen (at least that's what happened with mine, I even thought it was broken because nothing would come out at first). 

You can also tell that it is very black and intense, I tried doing a fine line, a bit of a thicker line and then I just did a big old swatch just to show you how black it really is.

I must say that I still struggle with eyeliner and I barely ever wear it because gel liner is a b*tch to get off and so when I make a mistake it's quite hard sometimes to correct it because gel will stick to your lids and not go anywhere. This is also why Benefit decided to come out with their special remover for They're Real products (mascara and eyeliner).

I find the special nib the liner has got to be very helpful and my cat eye flicks definitely are looking a little better than they did with liquid or felt tip liners. It does stay on as I said and will not smudge all over your eye, when it's dry, it stays put where you want it to.

If you are a newbie to eyeliner and want to have gel liner because it just tends to stay on better than other eyeliners, I would recommend you getting the Benefit They're Real Push-Up liner over a gel liner in a pot like MAC or Bobbi Brown have them (drugstores have them too of course). I can also recommend you trying out felt tip liners with a longer but harder felt-tip because if it is very flexible you won't be having the control that you might still need to get your line to look good.

I really hope you enjoyed and that maybe I could help out a few of eyeliner newbies for mastering their eyeliner!

- Julia

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