CoLab Dry Shampoo // REVIEW

Today I'm bringing you a review of Ruth Crilly's Dry Shampoo Line called CoLab.
As usual, I purchased them online from (here is a link x).
There are 5 different scents in the range, as well as full size bottles with 200ml for 4,48€ and travel size bottles with 50ml for 2,56€. I decided to go with the classic fragrance LONDON and the floral fragrance PARIS.

Packaging: The packaging is so nice, I really love how all the bottles have a cute design on the bottom and they all come in different colours. It looks really pretty displayed outside on your shelf unlike most dry shampoos do.

Scent: The London scent might be my favourite because it's just classic without anything too fancy or overwhelming. The Paris scent is absolutely amazing too though, it is indeed quite floral but I like it a lot. It's none of those really weird dry shampoo smells, they rather smell more like a perfume I find. With most dry shampoos I find the smell nice, like the Batiste colourful one but for a dry shampoo it's just too dirty smelling idk, it's not fresh and clean it just smells like you put something weird in your hair. With the CoLab ones it just smells like you put a bit of perfume in your hair. Love it.

Does it work?: The spray is very fine and even though this is not a tinted dry shampoo like they have with Batiste, but it is, as it says on the bottle, quite sheer and does not leave any white cast whatsoever. I find it to be very nice for the hair, it does take away the shine and greasy feeling in your hair that you might get on the 2nd or 3rd day without making you look like you have dandruff.

Overall: I'm quite impressed with CoLab dry shampoo, I find it works amazing for the price and honestly there is no need for me to go out and try out million different dry shampoos when I know those work amazingly. I'd totally recommend trying them out for yourself if you are looking for a nice dry shampoo.

- Julia

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