One Brand Only - NYX // REVIEW

Today I'm bringing you a one brand review about the brand NYX that I'm sure you've all heard of especially because of their blushes and jumbo eye pencils! Recently I have been buying a few bits from NYX from my local make-up store because everyone has been talking about NYX for years and I thought I'd try some products out myself.

Hope you enjoy little one brand reviews like this one, maybe I'll do some more in the future with different brands if I find any interesting ones :)

First I got one of their famous blushes in the colour "Desert Rose", it's an amazing dark pink but also kind of redish colour. Absolutely stunning for fall. When you put on your finger it comes off amazingly pigmented, when you swatch it a bit of the colour gets lost, so on the picture you see two swipes of the colour on my hand. I think the colour pay-off is amazing because it does give off good colour but not as much so you really cannot go overboard with it. I love this colour for fall, it's amazing! Definitely recommend checking out their blushes, they have a huge colour selection.

Of course I also had to get one of their Jumbo Eye Pencils which are super famous as well especially Cottage Cheese and Milk because they make a good base for powder eyeshadows you put on top. I went with Cottage Cheese because I thought it would be nice as a base for silver eyeshadows. I also like to wear it on it's own though with a bit of white shimmery powder eyeshadow on top to stop it from creasing but you can also wear those eye pencils on their own, they do not crease (at least on me). My only problem is I don't know if you're supposed to sharpen them with a sharpener (maybe a special one??) or if you twist the end because when I try to twist the end, nothing happens. But the top is plastic so I'm not quite sure how to get more product out..

NYX Matte Lipsticks in Alabama (left) and Whipped Caviar (right)

Since I am obsessed with matte lipsticks, I had to try out the matte lipstick line from NYX. The ones I got are Alabama and Whipped Caviar. Whipped Caviar is supposed to be a good Kylie Jenner lip colour and apparently a dupe for Faux or Brave lipstick by MAC. I do not own any of those two because they're currently out of stock everywhere but Whipped Caviar is stunning anyway. They are quite creamy and not as drying as f.e. MAC's Diva is. You can still feel a little moisture going on on your lips which I absolutely love. I feel like Alabama sets into my fine lines on my lips quite quickly though, Whipped Caviar doesn't have that as bad. Alabama is quite an unique colour in my collection because even though the swatch looks like a classic deep red, in the packaging you can see it's quite a brick red colour which in person it really is. I think it's so pretty.

NYX Lip Pencils in Deep Purple (left) and Pale Pink (right)

The NYX lip pencils were on sale so I obviously had to grab some that were still left because I'm currently obsessed with lip liners. I don't have a lot of lip liners so I got a deep purple one, hence the name, to go with MAC's Rebel or Diva and the nude one because it just creates a good base for any kind of lip colour you put on top. They are very nice quality in my opinion, they have a great pigmentation and they're not super drying either. For the price they are, they're really amazing quality and they have loads of colours as well!

HD Concealer in CW01 Porcelain (left) and HD Eyeshadow Base (right)

I'm slowly running out of my concealer that I usually use but it's a bit too dark for me anyway, not too dark as you'd completely see it from far away but I still notice it putting on my make-up so I decided to try out the HD Concealer from NYX in Porcelain which is their lightest colour they do and I'm super pale anyway. I do find the colour is quite light for me as well, which usually never happens so maybe I should have gotten it a shade darker. The concealer itself is pretty amazing stuff, it does not crease when I use it under my eyes, it's quite pigmented so it covers my massive dark circles (that won't go away no matter how much I sleep, sigh). The only thing I dislike about it is that it dries so incredibly fast so it's better to put it under one eye, blend it out quickly and then do the other eye. If you put it under both eyes first and then blend it out, the moment you get to the 2nd eye it's gonna be a nightmare to blend nicely. I wish it wasn't that quick drying.

The NYX eyeshadow base is quite liquidy in comparison to the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and it's not as sticky, it does create a nice base for your eyeshadow that you put on top. It does do a good job and for the price compared to the Urban Decay one, I'd rather repurchase the NYX one instead of UD because gurl, their primer is expensive for that little thing.

I really hope you enjoyed this one brand review of NYX! :)

- Julia

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