What's In My Armani Jeans Bag? // TAG

Hello lovelies!
Today I decided to branch out and do something different. I thought I'd do the What's In My Bag TAG, just for fun and to switch things up a little bit from time to time. I hope you enjoy!

About my bag: My bag is by Armani Jeans, the exact style is called "Bugatti Bag". The material is PVC and let me tell you - this baby collects the dust like nothing else. If I leave the bag outside in my room, the next day it will be full of dust which is why I usually put it in my closet. Because of the PVC it is super easy to clean though and water resistant as well. The little silver AJ chain is detachable so if you don't like to have it on there, you can just remove it. I usually leave it on or if I get annoyed by it, I will remove it. On the inside it has a little zipper pocket in the back and on the front side it has two little pockets, one for your phone and next to it is a bigger one for random stuff. I am not sure about the prize, since I did not buy it myself, it was a gift, but I do know AJ bags are usually around 100-200€ here in Austria.

So let's cracking and check what's in my bag, shall we?

This is what the bag looks from the inside, fully unzipped:

As you can tell, I have a big messy bag, but doesn't every girl?

This is what I have in the main space of the bag:

Tangel Teezer (Travel size): I always carry my tangle teezer around with me since my hair is very long and tends to get tangles all the time. I got the travel size version for my bag because first, it's smaller and second, it comes with this plastic lid so the bristles don't get ruined in your bag.

Make-up bag: I also carry a little pink make-up bag. Inside I have a few different lip options, a travel toothbrush because you never know when you need one, contacts case, liquid for my contacts, eye drops, a mirror, tampons (lol), a nail file and blotting paper.

Glasses: Since I have bad eye sight, I carry my glasses with me as well. I do wear contacts but in case of emergency when my contacts feel dried out or I lose them on a day/night out, I can take them out and wear my glasses instead.

Guess Purse: Last summer I decided to get myself a new purse and this is what I went with. It's by Guess and actually, it's a purpse that came with a long strap so you could wear it as a shoulder bag but I just this to be really weird and not a good idea at all, so I got the strap cut off and made into this little wristles thing so I can carry only my purse if I don't feel like taking my entire bag.

Baby wipes (Balea): Always need some good ol' baby wipes in case you touch something gross or your hands are sweaty etc. Trust me, some kind of wet wipes will come in handy many times in your life and you'll be happy you have them in your bag.

Tic Tac: Thise are actually strawberry flavoured but I put the rest of my apple flavoured Tic Tacs in there as well instead of carrying two nearly finished ones. Also, I always need to have some kind of mint, chewing gum etc. with me

EOS lip balm: Definite staple in my handbag. I even carry lip balm in the pockets of my jackets because you never know when your lips need some moisture.

Receipt (Thalia): I still have a Thalia receipt from when I bought my mum a empty recipe book where she can write in her own little recipes.

Cereal bar: Always need to carry some sort of food with me and the easiest to carry are some cereal bars since they won't go off that quickly or need a fridge.

Portable phone charger: This one I got from Amazon (x) and I need to carry it with me everywhere. iPhone owners know the struggle, am I right? So a portable charger is a must-have in any girls handbag because if you carry a normaler charger, you might be at some place where you don't have something to plug it in and your phone is dying. Portable chargers are the way to go.

Deodorant (Balea): Little travel size deodorant because ain't nobody want stinky armpits.

TMI - Tin with pads: Girls know the struggle. We need this in our lives.

In the little zipper pocket of the back of the bag I carry some things as well. I usually put some chewing gum, random sweets and candy in there. As well as a instant Chai Latte powder because you never know when you're at someone's place and want to drink some Chai Latte. I also have a random tampon floating around in there, some tissues, a lollipop, my iPhone headphones and a lighter.

The bag also has two little front pockets, as already mentioned.
In the bigger pocket I carry this lipstick holder from Dior that has a little mirror inside, this time I have MAC Faux (Satin finish) in it. Also I keep my pink Travelo perfume thing that I currently have Alien by Therry Mugler in it as well as my keys (car keys, my place and my boyfriend's place). I also have a leopard print pen. In the smaller pocket I usually put my phone in.

I hope you enjoyed and found this a bit entertaining/fun to read.

xox, Julia

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