L'oreal Infallibe 24H-Matte Foundation // REVIEW

Today's post is a review of the new L'oreal Infallibe 24H-Matte Foundation. As usual, the shade range in Europe is bad so I ordered mine in the lightest shade called 10 Porcelain online. I gave it a quick go and here is my full and honest review.

Shade Range: As far as I know, there is 6 different shades. Starting with 10 Porcelain and ending with 30 Honey. On the picture below you can see that even the lightes shade is a lot darker than my skin tone even though I am around a MAC NW15 when it comes to the Pro Longwear Concealer which I love to use, but when I put this foundation on my face, it is way too dark and even though it looks a lot yellow tones on the swatches, 10 Porcelain is actually so much pink tones. So unless you have a very heavy pink undertone, you will not match this shade (maybe the other shades are more yellow tones like Vanilla, I'm not sure).

Packaging: The packaging is nice, I don't mind the sqeezy tube. Actually, a plastic tube is a lot better if you travel a lot since glass bottles can break a lot easier if they are thrown around in a suitcase. Also, not all glass bottle foundations come with a pump, so a sqeezy tube is actually a lot more travel friendly and usefull.
Coverage: I would say it is medium coverage. On the pictures below you can see the foundation with one layer on and on the right, I put a second layer. As you can see on my little birth mark in the middle of my hand, a second layer covers it up decently.
Finish: I wouldn't say that it is a matte foundation, not in the flat, cakey kind of way. I feel like it has more of a satin finish, leaving a bit of shine on your face, not too much as where you look shiney, rather just a lot more healthier than if you had a completely matte face. Also, the foundation is not sticky at all. The feeling on the skin is very nice

left: one layer; right: two layers

Summary: If you have a normal complexion, it is definitely worth trying out this foundation if you like yourself a matte foundation. If you have a fair complexion like me, even the lightest shade might be too dark for you, especially since it has a heavy pink undertone to it. If you are looking for a good drugstore foundation that has very light shades, I would try checking out Rimmel's foundation. I have seen swatches online and they seem to really offer super fair shades. I recently ordered one online so I will definitely report back on the Rimmel foundation

xox, Julia

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