Top 5 Favourite Blushes

Hello beauties!
Hope you didn't miss me too much - I have just been so busy because I started work on the 18th of May and since then I've barely got around to posting any blog posts or even pick up new beauty products. But today I am back with a post all about blushers, my top 5 to be exact.

NYX "Pinched": As far as I remember, this is the first NYX blush I ever owned and even though it doesn't like I used it a lot on the picture, I love it. The picture doesn't really show it completely true to colour since it is a very amazing dupe to Nars Orgasm blush that is quite expensive, while you can get NYX at the drugstore. If you know Nars Orgasm, you know how this blush looks in real life - nearly exactly like it. So if you've always wanted Orgasm by Nars but didn't have the budget to actually get it, you can definitely set for NYX Pinched blush. NYX blushes in general are quite pigmented and great in application, definitely good drugstore blushes.
Benefit "Rockateur": My newest blush purchase but definitely a favourite. I only got it Monday this week but I am already absolutely loving it. I have always wanted to get Rockateur but just never got to buy it since I didn't want to spend all this money on a blush, but when I got my very first wage this month, I just had to treat myself. It is a shimmery mauve colour - absolutely stunning. Benefit's blushes are quite famous anyway, especially Rockateur and I can finally see why. Definitely check it out if you have the budget.
Essence Blush Up "Heat Wave": Can we just take a second to appreciate this beauty? Definitely a bargain product and a close dupe to MAC's Limited Edition blush from the Toledo Collection in "Ripe Peach". If you didn't get your hands on this MAC LE blush, go check your nearest drugstore for Essence "Heat Wave" because they're definitely very close. I love using the left, orange side by itself or mixing both sides together if orange doesn't quite go with my eye make-up. Such a gorgeous blush.

Catrice "Meet Pinky": As far as I know this was a LE but I wanted to show it anyway, especially since it stands for all colours like this. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but I basically only ever use the tiny right side of the duo blush. I adore blue toned pink colours as blush. Since I have cool undertones, the blue tones in this blush suit me a lot better than a warm pink like the left side. I do use warm pink colours as well, I basically use any kind of colour on my cheeks but cool tones definitely go better with my skin tone. So Catrice Meet Pinky stands for all blue toned pink blushers. But this one has amazing colour pay-off I have to say.
Milani "Luminoso": Well, of course I had to mention the oh-so-famous Luminoso blush by Milani. Everyone and their mama seems to love this blush. It definitely has a lot of shimmer (it's a baked blush) so you don't particularly have to wear a highlighter on top of it. I love to wear this if I want a more natural make-up, like on the weekends. Also it's a lot quicker to just put on this blush and no highlighter than using both kind of products. Since it is quite peachy of course it's not going to pop on your cheeks, hence it is good for more natural kind of days.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite blushers! Until next time,

xox Julia

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