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Hello lovelies!

Since I have been doing a lot of jewelry shopping lately, I decided to show you a little haul of all the things I purchased recently. All of these items are from Etsy, I will link all the details and Etsy shops below so if any of you want to get some of these things, you can.

Rose Gold Personalized Bar Necklace

This necklace was the first one I got, I have been wanting a personalized bar necklace for a very long time and I had a few websites in mind where I could get them, but then I found some on Etsy and after reading into all the reviews, I decided to go with the shop LuvLaceJewels

This is the rose gold personalized nameplate necklace (x) which you can get with whatever saying you want. I decided to go for the roman numerals XVI.II.XV which is February 16th 2015 (yes, I decided to go for 15 instead of 2015), the anniversary date of my boyfriend and I. 

As you can see from the pictures in the shop, you can get the stamped letters filled in with black but I wanted to leave mine blank just because I think it looks a lot cuter but of course that's personal preference. 

I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend their shop to anyone looking for nice quality personalized jewelry, the owner is super sweet and helpful, the quality of the necklace is amazing, I honestly wear it on a day to day basis. Also, it came quite fast and super nicely packaged.

Rose Gold Wishbone Necklace

I am obsessed with wishbones, and I knew I wanted to get a wishbone necklace at some point in time. When I got my personalized bar necklace in the mail and I was just so impressed with it, I decided that now was the right time to get a wishbone necklace as well that I could wear with the other necklace. They are both in 16" length I believe, but since the charms are different, they vary just a tiny bit in length which makes them look super cute worn together.

This necklace I got from BeasJewels who has adorable jewelry in their shop. The necklace itself is the rose gold wishbone necklace (x). 

I must be honest, I thought the wishbone charm itself would but a bit bigger but I actually do not mind it anymore. I find the size goes perfectly with the bar necklace and if I decide to wear it just on it's own, it makes the perfect everyday, dainty necklace.

All in all I am just really impressed with the quality and especially the pricing for this necklace. I am obsessed with the necklace and I'd buy from this shop again in a heartbeat.

Rose Gold Disk Necklace

After seeing Zoe Sugg wear this long, rose gold disk necklace in a few of her recent videos I tried finding the exact same piece she owns but when I found it, it was sold out, as well as being ridiciously expensive (since it was some fancy brand, also being actual rose gold). 

I decided since I had such amazing experience with Etsy shops and their jewelry, to go on a hunt for a disk necklace on there. And of course, I found a few shows. In the end, I decided to go with LittleGlamour and her rose gold disk necklace (x).

This time I went with a 18" length necklace because I just wanted something similar to Zoella's necklace but not as long as hers so I decided to go with 18" which turned out to be the absolute perfect size.

The necklace seems to be such a boring one, but it's not. I love to layer it with the other two shorter necklaces and it looks really cute. I am so happy with this purchase as well. I would recommend this shop to anyone because the jewelry is so lovely, so many different pieces, definitely worth checking out. 

Rose Gold Bangles

These bangles you guys. The struggle of finding bangles for thin wrists is real. For all of you girls out there with tiny little wrists that always wanted cute bangles but can't wear the ones from H&M, Forever21 etc. because they fall off your arms - this shop is for you.

AltanaMarie let's you choose the size of your bangles. When I saw that, I was already sold. I went for a size Small and they fit like a dream, I could not believe it. I have to squeeze my hands just a little bit to get them on but that just means they are not coming off unwanted. Absolutely in love, I kid you not.

There are a few different versions, but these are the cheapest ones (x). I am not 100% sure but I think these might not be actual rose gold and the more expensive versions are actual rose gold, but don't quote me on that.

They have this beautiful hammered pattern, since they are hammered but I just think it gives them such a cute look. Also, they come in a pack of two bangles so keep that in mind when ordering. The owner is such a nice person, honestly. I will definitely buy these bangles again in the future just so I can wear them all at once and it looks a bit more in-your-face.

Rose Gold Cartier-Looking Bracelet

This bangle bracelet fits just as perfectly as the hammered bangles from AltanaMarie do. These are a kind of Cartier nock-off style bracelet but I love it. Let's be real, we all love the way Kylie Jenner wears all these Cartier bracelets but ain't nobody got the money for that.

I was looking for a Cartier knockoff bracelet for quite some time until I found another Etsy shop (surprise, surprise!) selling these. The shop is called CaramelCartel which closed down their Etsy but they do have an actual website, which I of course linked for you. These are available in rose gold, gold and silver (x) and are so affordable. 

These bracelets are not screw-on bracelets which I personally find a bit better because you can just take it off whenever you want to while you can't with the actual Cartier bracelets. I do know that that's the purpose of these Cartier bracelets since they're LOVE bracelets that you're supposed to get from your loved ones and they screw them on for you and then you just wear it all the time, which is SUCH a cute idea, I love love love Cartier for this idea, it's so romantic. But it can be a bit annoying to wear a bracelet 24/7 like 265 days a year so I am thankful to have found a Cartier looking bracelet that I can still take off any time.

Final Words

I really love every single one of the jewelry items I picked up and I had no issues with any of these sellers, they are all incredibly nice and helpful when you have questions about their products. A few of them give you future coupon codes after your purchase for being a loyal buyer which is just so sweet. 

I do not regret any of these purchases and I would 110% buy from all of these sellers again and I probably will do so anyway.

xox, Julia

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