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April 12, 2018

I recently went on a spa trip with my fiancé for several days for his birthday and since that spa is very close to a Louis Vuitton store, we decided to take a few hours off of wellness and do a little shopping spree. While being there, I not only picked up a luggage tag for my Speedy 30, but also a belt.

I've been wanting a new leather belt for quite a while now, just never found one that I really liked in the shops. I knew LV did belts but wasn't too keen on their canvas monogram or damier prints. As much as I love them on handbags and small leather goods, as a belt.. I find it a little tacky to be quite honest with you.

Strolling around the store, checking out new bags and SLG's, I also went to look at their belts and noticed this classic black leather belt with the LV monogram buckle. I tried it on and fell in love with it's classy, elegant look.

In the store I had on a very casual outfit, dark blue denim jeans, a dark blue basic ruffle shirt and black over-knee boots and the belt totally transformed my outfit and made it look much more interesting. What I found even better is that the belt is reversible, so on one side it's completely black leather, if you turn it around it has this beautiful classic brown colour.

The belt retails for 475€ which is definitely a little overpriced for a simple belt but I was just in such a good mood, I have been looking for a belt for a while now and ended up loving this Louis Vuitton one. I have always wanted a brown belt as well and with this I have the best of both worlds, basically two belts in one. 

You can never go wrong with a black leather belt, it's classic and will never go out of style. The belt is simple enough to wear casually but also classy enough to dress up an outfit and wear with more fancy pants and heels. I also wear it casually with sneakers and denim jeans to elevate the outfit just a tad, it works either way.

It's simple and clean, it's basically just a leather strap and their LV initals buckle. The only writing that you see on the belt is the date code, followed by the signature "Louis Vuitton Paris, made in Spain/France/USA" stamp as well as the serial number and size of the belt (which mine is in 80cm).

Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase, I have worn the belt ever since I got it. Honestly, I only wish it was a little less expensive but so far I'm happy with the quality and the look so I'm seeing past that.

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