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BAG COMPARISON // Gucci Dionysus Super Mini vs Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini

You know I love comparing handbags for you guys so when I added the Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini bag to my collection recently, I realized it is very similar to the Gucci Dionysus Super Mini - what better thing to do than compare them both and help you with your decision if you've been looking at these handbags.


Let's start with the price to get that out of the way. In Europe, the Dionysus retails for 890€ in the canvas version that I own (the leather version is 930€) while the Horsebit 1955 retails for 980€. In my opinion, that is a fair price difference since the Horsebit bag is indeed a bit bigger.


As mentioned, the Horsebit is a bit bigger than the Dionysus Super Mini bag. The official size on the Gucci website states that the Horsebit 1955 Mini measures 18cm x 12cm x 5cm (width x height x depth) while the Dionysus Super Mini measures only 16,5cm x 10cm x 4cm.

You might think that 1,5cm in width wouldn't make a huge difference in the capacity of the handbag, but trust me it does. As you can hopefully see from the pictures below, the Horsebit is actually quite a bit bigger.


The closure features the classic Dionysus tiger head and all the hardware is in an aged palladium colour.

The Dionysus has a pin closure in the front, with the classic suede flap (that has nothing underneath and is solely for aesthetic purposes) no interior pockets but features a removable crossbody chain as well as a keychain that is detachable. The crossbody chain has a 60cm drop which I think is extremely long and is also one of the reasons why I barely use the bag. It's made in the GG supreme canvas with beige/taupe suede in the front as well as the lining on the inside.

When it comes to the Horsebit bag, the biggest and most noticeable difference is the hardware. While the Dionysus has the typical aged palladium hardware, the Horsebit features shiny gold hardware. The Horsebit hardware is a Gucci classic and dates back to the 50s (as the name of the newly redesigned collection would suggest).

The Horsebit bag has a brown leather trim along the outside of the bag, a magnetic closure right under the gold Horsebit hardware detail in the front, no interior pocket and a brown leather crossbody strap that is not removable, BUT at least adjustable. 

The Horsebit 1955 is also made in the same GG supreme canvas and the lining on this one is microfibre even though it looks very suede-like.

Capacity / What fits inside?

The first and most important thing, for me anyway, is the fact that a larger phone does indeed not fit inside the Dionysus Super Mini. For reference, I tried putting my iPhone 12 Pro Max case inside and you can see, it does not fit at all. 

I did once try out the phone without a case and that was a very hard squeeze and if you put that inside, nothing else will fit in the bag anymore, other than maybe 1 or 2 credit cards.

If you are fine with not putting your phone in your bag anyway, the bag can fit the main essentials like a regular card holder, Apple Airpods and a few keys (definitely not a big keychain though). You might also be able to fit in a lip balm or lipstick. If you don't mind, you can skip the cardholder and just put in cards/cash directly which does give you more space for other things.

The biggest plus on the Horsebit 1955 is the fact that the bigger iPhone fits in perfectly. You can see there is still room left on the sides and a lot more space for other things as well, compared to the Dionysus Super Mini. Even if you put in the card holder and the Airpods, there is still more room left for you to put your keys, lip balm, chewing gum or whatever little things you like to carry around with you.

For me personally, I don't think you need both of these bags. They are very similar when it comes to their price as well as the GG supreme canvas and the capacity. If I could only choose one, I'd definitely go with the Horsebit 1955 Mini. I do love the edgy look of the Dionysus a bit more but overall, the Horsebit is just better value for the money.

Especially the non-adjustable crossbody chain and the fact that my phone does not fit, makes the Dionysus a bit of a miss purchase for me. If you are interested in a more in-depth review of the Dionysus Super Mini, you can check out my full video on the bag here.

A GUIDE // Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying The Next Luxury Item

In a world with social media being so present, we're constantly exposed to all the newest items, trends, collections every single day. A lot of things we don't even personally like but seeing on every influencer makes us think "Wait, maybe I do need that too", but let me tell you - you don't need every piece you see on social media. Let me help you find out what you actually like and what you should stay away from. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you run out and buy the next it-piece.

Designer Bags NOT Worth Buying Brand New // Better Go Pre-Loved

We all love our luxury handbags but wouldn't it be great if we could also save some money? Especially since most of the designers raise the prices on their handbags, it's always nice to find a great deal, right? Well, shopping pre-loved can have many advantages over buying brand new, especially if you're looking for a specific collection from years ago that you obviously can't get in the boutiques anymore. But buying pre-loved handbags is also amazing for saving money. I'm sharing several designer handbags that do not hold their value and that you can buy pre-loved for significant money off.

My Everyday Jewelry // Tagheuer, Hermes, Cartier, Diamonds etc.

I've only just recently started getting into jewelry tbh, I've never worn jewelry at all. I remember all I had on was a watch (a Michael Kors one actually haha) but I'm loving it right now. I think jewelry is a good investment, I personally don't really buy custom jewelry at all. I'd rather invest in real gold/silver/diamonds and have something that lasts a lifetime.

Designer Bags I sold & Why // 2021

As I find this type of topic very interesting if you're doing research on a handbag that you' consider buying, I thought I'd share with you all the handbags that I have already sold and why. It's super helpful to hear why certain handbags did not work out for someone else, what features on the bag seem odd or just things you might have not thought about that could possibly bother you too.. So let's just get into it.

My Luxury Handbag Collection // 2019

I've been adding quite a bit of handbags to my collection this year and it just keeps growing and growing. The end of 2018 is coming so what better time than to share my entire luxury handbag collection. And before you wonder, yes there is a specific order in which I'm going - in order of the date I purchased these bags (no favourite/least favourite order here).

Celine Nano Belt Bag, Old Vs. New // Quality Difference? Hardware? New Logo?

I really didn't know if I should write a post about this, but after reading up on the PurseForum, people do seem to be interested to know whether their was a change in Phoebe Philo's handbag designs now that Hedi took over Céline.

Luckily, I do own an "old" Céline Nano Belt bag in the colour Light Taupe as well as a "new" one. I purchased the first Belt Bag a few months before Hedi presented his first collection at Celine. I loved the bag so much that I did end up buying another Nano Belt bag in Grey in late 2018. This bag however already had the new CELINE logo that Hedi introduced.

I thought it might be helpful to see what exactly the difference is between the old and new Belt Bags, other than the obvious Logo change. I'm going to let you know if there is any difference in hardware, leather, overall quality etc.

Luxury Wishlist for 2019

I should start off by saying that I'm very strict with my wishlists and not everything gets written down on it. If I see a bag that I like the look of, I'm not going to put it on my list unless I did enough research on it beforehand and made sure that it could fit my lifestyle pretty nicely. For example, I'm not going to put Valentino Rockstud Heels on my wishlist even though I love the look of them, but I know I never wear heels, maybe once or twice a year and for that high of a price tag, I'm not even "wishing" for them.

A wishlist to me is more of a "Probably going to buy" list, rather than "Things I find extremely gorgeous" list.

With that being said, let's get into the things I actually consider buying next year or in the future.

The Best & Worst Luxury Purchases of 2018

I usually try to be positive and share the great purchases I made with everyone, so I hardly tell you about items that were complete no-no's for me, unless they are make up or skincare - I'm always 100% open and honest about these types of products, so if you better save your money on something, imma tell you.

But since luxury purchases are a way heftier investment than skincare or make up, I think it's time for me to share with you my worst luxury purchases I made this year.

Since I did sell all of my worst purchases already, I'll make sure to insert a picture of them that I can find online so you know what exact item I'm talking about.

My Luxury SLG (Small Leather Goods) Collection // 2018

My entire SLG collection consist of Louis Vuitton pieces because I personally prefer to have canvas pieces for inside my handbags because they're a lot more durable and carefree. I'd hate to have a super expensive Chanel make-up bag in lambskin leather and have it ruined by the things I have floating around inside my handbag.

Keep in mind that I don't have any specific order for these.


I just came back today from a two day trip which also consistent of me going to Munich to the Celine Boutique to check out their Belt Bags. I knew I wanted either a Nano or Micro size, preferably in light taupe, grey or black. In the back of my mind, my favourite though was the Nano in Light Taupe - which is what I ended up getting.

Chanel Classic Ballerina/Ballet Flats // WEAR & TEAR

My very first pair of designer shoes were the classic Chanel Ballet Flats in lambskin, beige with black toe cap. I loved them right when I tried them on in the boutique and knew I'd go back at some point to also get them in black lambskin with the patent black cap toe (which I did like a month ago now).

Saint Laurent Toy Loulou // UNBOXING

Spring and summer are slowly approaching us which means hot weather, going on vacations and sweating too. If you know me, you know I hate to be hot and I hate it even more to be sweating. In summer I despise wearing big bags that just get so heavy over time and really just make you feel even hotter than you already are. 

Basically, I wanted a nice small and lightweight crossbody bag for spring and summer that I could wear on a daily basis to carry my must have essentials and that I could also take on vacation with me for the evenings. So something that looks casual but dressy at the same time.

Givenchy Mini Antigona VS. Louis Vuitton Alma BB // COMPARISON

I've been a fan of the Givenchy Antigona bag for years, I've tried it several times but the small size doesn't work out for me. I'm 173cm tall and I've always found the small Antigona is an awkward size on me. If you put it on the shoulders, it just is too bulky; if you wear it in your hands, it's looking a bit too small. But the medium size doesn't suit my lifestyle, I don't need to carry around a laptop, I don't travel a lot and as an everyday bag it's just too big and bulky.

Louis Vuitton Initials Madeleine Belt // UNBOXING

I recently went on a spa trip with my fiancé for several days for his birthday and since that spa is very close to a Louis Vuitton store, we decided to take a few hours off of wellness and do a little shopping spree. While being there, I not only picked up a luggage tag for my Speedy 30, but also a belt.

CloverSac Handbag Organizer + Base Shaper // REVIEW

If you've been a long time reader of mine, you would have seen my review on the Original Club organizers (x) I did a few months back. I did say that it was a little too stiff and bulky for my taste, I love my Louis Vuitton Speedy to have a slouchy look rather than super structured so I ended up giving the Original Club organizer away. This time I've tried products from and I'm ready to share all my thoughts.