Mac Cosmetics - Syrup vs. Plumful // COMPARISON

Today I'm coming at you with my newest MAC purchases, which are the lipsticks "Syrup" and "Plumful" in a Lustre finish. The lighter colour is called Syrup, the darker, more berry colour is called Plumful (but I'm pretty sure you've heard of both of these colours before since they are pretty much classic MAC fall lipsticks including Rebel of course).

I bought them because I saw Essiebutton and her favourite MAC lipsticks video and I fell in love with both of them. They are just amazing for fall and because of their Lustre finish they aren't as bold and dramatic as for example Rebel would be. They are very creamy and I don't find them very drying (of course not all Lustre finishes will be the same exact texture but I do find that both of them are very nice feeling on the lips).

I plan on wearing them to uni in fall because they are such amazing every-day kind of colours if you still go to school or university and you don't want to go all out and rock bold, dark colours (f.e. MAC's Diva or Rebel or Rimmel Kate's Matte lipstick in 107) so they are perfect for those people (including me) that want to slowly get into darker colours but aren't quite sure of them yet.

I like both of them, really. I couldn't decide on which one to get for fall so I decided I'd just get both of them and I'm glad I did. I searched swatches online and people said they are very similar (don't get me wrong, they are) but then again, if you are kind of a lipstick junkie like I am, they are not similar enough as to not get them both. Even in the tube they look different and on the lips they do as well. As you can see Syrup is a kind of mauve colour while Plumful is more of a berry colour so if you have the money I'd get both of them. Of course it is up to you and not everyone might be a fan of both colours so you just have to sit down and think to yourself which colour is more of a you-colour or you can go to a MAC counter near you and try them out on your lips.

Here are some lip swatches for you as well (I know, they are kind of similar tbh):

- Julia

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