Pixi Glow Mist & Hydrating Milky Mist // REVIEW

Recently I picked up a few new facial sprays to try out because I wasn't perfectly happy with the way the mists I used to use before made my make up look. So after seeing a few reviews on the new Pixi sprays, I decided to pick both of them up and see what they're all about. Now I'm going to share my views and experience with them with you guys :)

Glow Mist

Pixi's new Glow Mist contains Propolis and Argan Oil to moisturize the skin and make it glow. The main ingredient in the mist is water.

When you let it sit, it separates into to different liquids, so when you want to use it, you have to shake it very well to mix up both liquids with each other.

Pixi says you can use the spray under make up as a primer to hydrate and nourish the skin, but you can also use it after you are done with your make up to set it and add a dewy, glowy look to the skin.
It also says you can use it just throughout the day to refresh the skin, which I personally like to do as well.

Whenever I feel like my skin is feeling a bit powdery or dry, I like to spray the Glow Mist onto my face. I also love to use it as a setting spray over make up because it does give a very nice dewy look to the skin without making you look super greasy or oily.

Even though from just looking at it, you would think that the Glow Mist is extremely oily, it is not. The mist is so fine on the skin and as long as you shake it up well before spraying, you shouldn't get any oil spots on your make up.

I do really enjoy using it, it might even be one of my favourite sprays to add a nice glow to my face.

Hydrating Milky Mist

Just like the Glow Mist, the main ingredient is water, but it does contain Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat as well which help to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated as long as possible.

First thing I noticed with this product is that the mist is incredibly fine. It is like nothing I have ever felt before, you can barely feel it going on your face because it is just that fine of a mist.. incredible.

I do like to use this before I apply make up, and before I apply any primer. For me, this is more of a skincare product that I like to use when my skin is feeling extra dry or I am just feeling a little fancy and want to use another moisturizing layer after I applied my morning (or nighttime) moisturizer.

Pixi does recommend to use it before make up to prime and hydrate the skin, but also just as a normal moisturizer without you applying any make up at all.

I do recommend shaking the bottle well because ever since Jaclyn Hills Snapchat with the Marc Jacobs Coconut spray that ruined her make up, I don't trust milky coloured sprays no more.

Do you need both?

Probably not.

But to me, they are two different things and serve a different purpose.

If you really just want to buy either one of them, I would go with the Glow Mist because you can use it all around. You can use the Glow Mist to refresh and hydrate the skin, you can use it to prime your face before applying make up to hydrate it, you can set your make up and make it look dewy, you can use it throughout the day to refresh the skin.

The Hydrating Milky Mist on the other hand is more so just a skincare product to hydrate and make your skin look more plump, it is not going to make your make up last any longer, look more dewy or matte, or anything else. Yes, you can still use it over your make up to set down the powders but still.. if you wanted just one, go with the Glow Mist to be on the safe side.

I do love both, I probably didn't need them all but I do love them. Personally, compared to the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, I do prefer both the Pixi Mists over it.

If you want to see a seperate blogpost all about setting/fixing mists, let me know and I will gladly do that for you!

xox, Julia

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