Personal Christmas Present Ideas for your Partner

The holidays are right around the corner which means it's time to think about christmas presents. I've been really struggling to find a perfect gift for my fiancé because I'm not a fan of traditional gifts that most of the time are just materialistic things. I love putting a lot of thought and effort into my presents and make them something personal.

Today I want to share with you a few ideas on christmas (or any occasion, really) presents that have more sentimental value.

1. Coupon Book

This idea has been around for many years, I used to make those coupon books for my mum on mother's day and I'm sure some of you did too.

But for your partner, you can be a little more creative and put more interesting coupons rather than "Washing the dishes" or "Vacuuming the apartment". While our mothers might have loved us washing the dishes for her or cleaning the apartment, I don't think it might be of big interest for our partner.

You can put in coupons for a candlelight dinner in their favourite restaurant, or you can cook on your own, make their favourite dish and have a romantic dinner at your place. If your partner has a specific hobby, you might put a coupon for you to join them for the day; maybe a coupon to see their favourite artist/band or soccer club; you can also put coupons for kinky stuff if you're comfortable with that. Anything your can think of that your partner may like, you can make a coupon for.

2. Picture Frame

My family literally celebrates any holiday you can think of, so for easter I decided to buy a little picture frame and print out a few of my favourite photos of my fiancé and I. I also wrote a short note and printed it out as well to put in the frame with the photos. I remember my whole family thought it was a cute idea and loved it. 

If you have a lot of pictures, instead of printing them out and putting them in a frame, you can also make them into a book. There's loads of different websites where you can send in your photos and they make a book out of it.

3. Personalized Key Chain

This one I found on Etsy strolling through their site and thought it was such a cute idea, I had to get one for my fiancé and show you too! I purchased mine through the seller aimeehandmade. It's a leather key chain where you can get a personalized text engraved.

I decided to go for GPS coordinates of the place that I met my fiancé for the very first time. I just really loved the idea of that and I couldn't be more happy with the product. Also, the seller is extremely sweet and helpful with any questions or special orders you might have!

The quality of the key chain looks really nice, it's nice heavy leather and the engraving looks super nice and sleek. Also the key chain itself looks to be great quality and sturdy, not something that is going to break off in a week. I can definitely recommend this seller!

4. A Book to fill out

There's so many different journals around, different types of books that are full of questions for you to fill out each day and reflect. So I also came across books to fill out for your loved ones. You can get them for your parents, your partner, best friend, anything.

Last year for christmas, I gifted my fiancé such a book that took me months to fill out because I really put a lot of effort into it. He loved it and even one year later, he loves to sit down and read through it from time to time.

There's questions in there about anything you could think of. Your favourite clothes they wear, what you love the most about them, what characteristic you'd love to have from them, a special vacation you went on, what you'd want your kids to be like, how you'd describe them in 5 words, a song to describe your relationship, etc.

5. A special experience together

If there is anything you know your partner has always wanted to do, you might want to make their dream come true. Whether it be visiting a specific city, or going to a world cup soccer game, maybe a night in an igloo.. Making memories together is one of the most special gifts you can give someone because it will always stay with you.

There are even certain companies that specialized on gifting different kinds of experiences together. For Germany and Austria I know there is mydays and Jochen Schweizer where you can gift your special someone things like a romantic dinner, a bungee jump, driving a ferrari, a husky sleigh ride, anything you can think of really.

I think that's an amazing gift for someone who loves to make memories rather than having materialistic things.

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