Glossybox February 2015 // UNBOXING

This week my Glossybox for February 2015 came so I decided, as usual, to do a little unboxing for you guys in case you want to get a Glossybox on your own and want to get a sneak peak of what usually comes with these boxes.

Beautybird So Spring Nail polish: This is a full size product of course and it retails for 12€. It is a lovely rosé pink shade, very natural and spring looking. I have not tried it on my nails yet so I can't tell if it's going to be opaque or not but from what it looks like in the bottle, I think that it might be more of a little wash of colour than an opque colour.

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow: This is a mineral, loose eyeshadow in the colour "You're Toast". It is a full size product as well which retails for 18,50€ (that's a bit expensive gurl). It is a really lovely bronze shade which I personally love. I am not too keen on loose eyeshadows but this one got me, because when you take the lid off, the eyeshadows doesn't go everywhere. It's got a little plastic cap on top so you don't spill it everywhere and it's also got that little plastic with the holes instead of just lose eyeshadows powder in a little container. So I like the packaging and definitely will give this lose eyeshadow a try because the colour is lovely and I'm not annoyed with it going everywhere, ha.

Eucerin "Even Brighter" Day Cream: This is a sample size containing 20ml, the original size product has 50ml (thank you for that big sample, I'm impressed) and retails for 27,45€. As it says, it's a day cream, SPF 30 as well and I think it is good, especially for winter, because it's quite a thick consistency. Not like the greasy, ew I don't want this on my face kind of thick, but still thicker than your average cream. But since it's a day cream it's not too heavy or sticky. Haven't tried it on my face but it does indeed feel nice on my hand when I tried it.

Benefit the Porefessional: We have all heard about this product before. This is a tiny sample size which is great for travelling. The full size (which I own too) retails for 32€ containing 22ml. The sample size contains 3ml, for anyone wondering. This is a face primer that is supposed to minimize the appearance of your pores, which it really does. I apply it over my nose and forehead which is where my pores are the largest and it fills them in nicely so your foundation will go on smoother. It does have silicone in it though, in case you have a problem with that, this one might not be for you. It is also quite a satin finish, like it feels quite satiny when you put it on.

Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner: This is a full size product (200ml) that retails for 10,70€. I have never heard of this brand before but I always wanted to use face toner, just never got round to getting on and especially never really looked into which toner is good and worth buying but now I have one to try out. I have to say is smells really nice, quite floral if you ask me. In the card that comes with Glossybox, it says the toner is supposed to mattify your oily areas on your face and moisturize the dry areas at the same time. Sounds strange, but I will put it to the test. If it is any good, you'll read it on my blog one day.

(Extra) Chloé Love Story Perfume: As a little extra I got a little perfume spray sample of the new Chloé perfume called "Love Story". I have to say this might be my favourite scent out of all the Chloé perfumes. They are usually quite grown-up scents but this one has more of a younger scent (it contains orange which smells really nice).

(Extra) Eucerin Heart key ring: Another little extra, probably because of Valentine's Day, was this heart key ring with big rhinestones (not actual rhinestones though, that'd be way too expensive haha). I don't think I'll use it because my keys are on the same ring as my car keys so it'd be a bit too much but it might make a cute gift for someone else.

Here is a close-up of all the products:

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

xox, Julia


  1. As far as i know, i should get this toner also in the my glossybox, so i am curious. Ours arrives just on monday and it arrives in Germany with my parents, so i will probably have to wait till March to go to Germany to get my box. But hey, atleast i am getting it at all. I am missing a bit the plethora of opportunities in german speaking countries versus the very limited options in tiny Belgium ;).