MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot "Painterly" // REVIEW

Today I am reviewing a very popular MAC product - the Paint Pot in "Painterly". You all heard of this product before, quite commonly used amongst Youtubers as an eyeshadow base in either the colour Painterly or Soft Ochre. I decided to go for Painterly because the colour is more brownish, nude while Soft Ochre is a bit more yellow in tone. My skin does not have a tint of yellow in it which is why I decided against Soft Ochre. The paint pots are 21,95€ which is quite expensive for an eyeshadow base but you do get 5g (0.17 oz) which is good amount of product. This pot will probably last me forever and might dry out before I even use it up.

The texture is very creamy if you put your finger in it and swirl it around. I swatched it on my hand for you guys and is was still creamy when I put it on, took a picture, tried to rub it off - nothing. Did not move an inch. This dried fast and did not smudge or go anywhere. And when I mean it dried - it dried. On my hand it was not such a big issue, but I do find it quite drying on my eyelids as to where I am not able to use it without eyeshadow just to cancel out my veins. It looks dry to the point where my lids start to looks flakey and this is not a cute look. I do have to say though, I have quite dry eyelids to begin with so if you are like me, I definitely recommend moisturizing your lids before putting the paint pot on.

When it comes to priming your lids and pigmentation, it is absolutely fantastic. It provides a nice, matte base for your eyeshadows and isn't sticky either which means you don't have to set it with a powder first for your eyeshadows tp blend nicely. You just put a bit of the paint pot on, either with your fingers or a little brush and you're good to go. I used to use it with a brush but I might try to use it with my fingers, maybe it helps to not make it look that drying. The pigmenation is very good. If you have veiny eyelids like I do and you find normal eyeshadow primers don't help and your veins still shine through your eyeshadows, I highly recommend you try out Soft Ochre or Painterly Paint Pot by MAC.

Here is a little close-up and swatch for you guys:

All in all, I find it a good product to use as a base before your eyeshadow to cancel out the veins and provice a nice, clean canvas. For dry eyelids, it might not be the best thing but if you moisturize your lids well enough before putting it on, it will probably work out fine!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

xox, Julia

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