Favourite Red Lipsticks

Hello beauties!
Since I did a "Favourite Nude Lipsticks" blogpost some time ago, I figured I'd show you my favourite red lipsticks as well. We all know that was the only right thing to do :) As in my nudes post - No specific order, I went from light to dark.

Catrice Ultimate Colour MATTraction #360: This in the tube looks like a true red lipstick, on the lips and on the hands, it does come off a bit more pink toned. As the range name "MATTraction" would suggest, this is a matte formula. I have not worn this one often yet because in the winter I tend to go for the darker reds but for the spring/summer I'm definitely whipping out this lipstick.

MAC Cosmetics (Viva Glam Rihanna): This Viva Glam lipstick is still available, don't you worry. It does have a frost finish, which most people don't like because of it's glittery, frosty look but this one only looks frosty in the tube. If you put it on your lips, it doesn't look as frosty anymore and the pigmentation is amazing as well. I love to wear this colour, it's a fresh red colour which I find looks amazing and as the woman at the MAC counter said to me - It looks young. And I totally have to agree with that. 

Rimmel London by Kate Moss #107: Hands down my favourite dark red lipstick of all time. Love it even more than I love MAC's Diva lipstick. It is a bit lighter than Diva, still a matte formula though and not quite as drying as Diva is. At least I find that on my lips. This dark red is definitely a staple in any girls lipstick collection!

MAC Cosmetics (Diva): Probably one of MAC's top selling red lipsticks. A classic, deep, dark red colour perfect for the fall and winter time. I love to wear that colour around the colder months. It is a matte formula and somewhat drying on the lips but I can look past that since the colour is great. It's an amazing, vampy colour. A stable in any girls lipstick collection just like Rimmel Kate 107.

f.l.t.r.: Catrice Ultimate Colour MATTraction #360, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, Rimmel by Kate #107, MAC Diva

I really hope you liked this post!

xox, Julia

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