TOPSHOP Lipstick Infrared vs Rio Rio // COMPARISON

Hello beauties!
Today I am comparing and reviewing the Topshop Lipsticks in Infrared vs. Rio Rio.
They are both beautiful orange/red shades that I recently got inspired by the beautiful Zoe Sugg. She recently has been rocking Infrared in one of her videos and I immidiately went "I need a orange lipstick in my life" so I went ahead and ordered them both online.

While Rio Rio has their normal finish, Infrared is a matte one. As you can definitely tell, Infrared is more on the orange/peachy side of things, Rio Rio has more red undertones even though I would not say Rio Rio is a classic red lipstick. It is definitely a orange red, very very similar to MAC Lady Danger, so if you own either of them, you might want to skip the other. Or if you are on a budget and want Lady Danger, you might go ahead and pick up Topshop Rio Rio to save some money.

I do really love my red lipsticks but if I had to decide on either Infrared or Rio Rio, I'd go for Infrared. I love the orange tone of it, I love the fact that it's not straight up orange like MAC Morange would be, instead it has more of a toned down, peachy look to it as well which makes it more wearable and great as a "My first orange lip" kind of lip colour.

The formula on both of them is on point, they don't dry my lips out and even though Infrared is supposed to be a "matte" lipstick, I do not see it being completely matte, it's like a satin finish I'd say. Rio Rio definitely has a little glossy shine to it. Both last a nice amount of time and they both have amazing pigmentation.

So in the end, it all comes down to what colour/shade you prefer or what shade you are missing in your collection. But as I said, if I had to pick just one - I'd go for Infrared. If you are a lipstick lover like I am, you might consider picking up both of them.

I hope you enjoyed!

xox, Julia

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