My Every Day Make-Up Favourites

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm bringing you my make-up staples for an every day look when I'm heading to work or to lunch with my parents. 

I start my make-up with some simple eyeshadows on the lids, most days I use MAC's Patina (bottom left) all over my lids and Nylon (top left) as an inner corner highlight. I barely use All That Glitters (top right), and sometimes when I want my eye look a bit more smokey I will use Satin Taupe (bottom right). MAC eyeshadows are definitely my favourite, especially the quad you can costumize on your own because it's a tiny palette that will fit in your bag as well. 
If I'm in a hurry and already running a bit late for work, I won't use any eyeshadows or I'll only use Nylon for an inner corner highlight to make me look more awake.

The brush I use to quickly apply some eyeshadow on my lids is the Zoeva #227. I love this brush because you can use it flat like a shader brush but if you turn it to the side you can also use it to blend shadows in the crease or you can use it front on to just apply a swipe of colour all over the lids.

I follow up with a bit of mascara, my all time favourite mascara to use, especially in the summer time where it's hot outside is Benefit's They're Real mascara. I already own Benefit's new mascara, the Roller Lash, which I also really enjoy using but it does smudge quite a bit especially when your sweating so in the summer I tend to go for They're Real instead of the Roller Lash one. I am slowly running out so I might just change to some drugstore waterproof mascara to prevent the panda eyes (especially at work nobody wants to see that, duh). Mascara is definitely a staple for me, I won't ever leave the house without any mascara on.

After that I will use MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 to cover up my dark circles under my eyes as well as the redness around my nose and/or any blemishes I might have on my face. I love this concealer because I find it has a good coverage as well as not being too watery or too thick as to were it creases. I find that if you don't set it, it does crease under the eyes but I tend to set it right after applying it with my Essence All About Matt! transparent powder and it stays put without creasing into fine lines.

Don't forget them eyebrows - I usually just set my brows with a tinted brow gel. I am currently using ModelCo More Brows which I absolutely love tbh. I got it on a Glossybox once and I've been using it ever since.

Continuing with my face, I then bronze up my face with a matte bronzer, the one I currently love to use is Catrice Sun Glow. I believe there are two different versions of this bronzer, a matte one (in two colours I think) as well as a shimmery one if that's what you prefer. For the price it's an amazing bronzer. I apply it all over my face with my big powder brush, the Zoeva #106 which I also use with the Essence powder to set my face.

Then I will use any kind of blusher to give my face a bit more colour. Don't we all love some rosy cheeks that totally bring back so much live to your face? I currently love to use my latest buy, Benefit's Rockateur blush. It's an amazing shimmery mauve colour. I absolutely adore this colour. It's not too shimmery but not matte either where it might make you look a bit flat. It's perfect.

Lastly before I head out the door I put on some highlighter. I just currently bought MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. Everyone keeps raving about this highlighter so I finally decided to buy it and I love it. If you have dark skin, you might settle for a darker MSF by MAC but if you're quite fair or medium, you can definitely use this. Be careful though, it is indeed very shimmery, actually glittery. The first time I tried it I had a bit of a heavy hand and I was like "Damn girl, that's some intense highlight right there. I'm glowing like the sun!" and the next day I applied it with a light hand and just dusted it on a bit and it looked absolutely stunning - so be careful with it!

After highlight I only apply some random kohl eyeliner I have lying around to line my upper waterline with, to make my lashes appear thicker. Maybe try using a waterproof one so it stays put because if it's not it might smudge to the outside corners of your eyes or go on your bottom lashline when you blink for the first time (which I hate since I find eyeliner on my bottom lashline looks horrible on me!!).

Hope this was interesting to read or gave you some inspiration as to what to add to your daily make-up routine! Until next time,

xox Julia

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