I recently ordered myself a Foreo Luna Mini, a silicone facial cleansing device that is indeed quite expensive but is worth it and I'll tell you why down below. 

General facts about Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna are electronic facial cleansing devices that use a special t-sonic technology to cleanse your face gently but effectively.

The Foreo Luna devices are available in a original size version in which you can choose the colour by your skin type. The little bristles will be arranged a bit differently depending on the colour/skin type. You can decide between baby pink (normal to sensitive skin), blue (combination skin) and white (super sensitive skin) Also they have a special black Luna which is specifially for men. The original is priced at 169€ while the Luna Mini costs 119€. The mini version is also available in different colours, with the only difference that they are all the same. You can get them in cool grey (which I have), a baby pink, a bright magenta, a turquoise and a bright purple.

While with the original Luna you get a charger and a little bag for travel, the Luna Mini comes with a USB cord to charge your Luna with - which is a bit annoying but nowadays pretty much everyone has a USB charger (iPhone users know where I come from) at home, or you can plug it into your computer/laptop.

The good thing about the device is that it does come already charged so if you just cannot wait to try it out when you get it, you can. It does suggest you to fully charge it before using it though. Also, it takes only 1 hour to fully charge and then it promises to hold up to 300 uses before running out of battery. That's extremely travel friendly and fuss free if you ask me.

While your typical face brushes need a brush head change every 3-4 months due to holding bacteria very easily and bristles going funky, the Foreo Luna does not need a head change. The silicone cannot hold bacteria so if you want a facial cleansing device, think twice about it. I personally always wanted to get a facial cleansing brush but I just couldn't bring myself to spend all this money on the device itself while I always have costs of buying a new brush head every few months since these aren't cheap either. After hearing about the Foreo Luna, I was sold. It is completely waterproof so you can use it under the shower if you please.

How to use the Foreo Luna

The Foreo Luna has two settings. Once you press the button, it vibrates the usual speed, if you press it again, the speed will slow down and if you press it one more time, the device is turned off. 

If I was wearing make-up during the day, I like to wash my make-up off before using the Foreo Luna mini. I will use basic hand soap to wash my face first, dry it, then I will put a bit of water on my face, whip out my trusty facial cleanser (La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser) and put it all over my face, rinse the Foreo with a bit of water and then I will go in with the Foreo on my face. You can use the Foreo device with only water, you can put the cleanser on your face first like I do, or you can put the cleanser directly onto the device. What it suggests you not to do is use it with facial scrubs.

Foreo suggests you to use the device for about 15 seconds on each area, so 15 seconds on your cheek, wander your way from your chin to the other cheek, move it in circular motions for 15 seconds, move your way up to the forehead for 15 seconds, do your nose area for 15 seconds again - repeat if you please. The device should not be used for over 3 minutes, and after those it will turn itself off automatically. Also, when it's time to move from one area to another, the Foreo Luna will give you a signal so you know it's time to target on another part of your face. No counting to 15 is needed, you will know when to move it. After using it, you just run the device under a bit of water and out it somewhere to dry.

The front side of the Foreo Luna mini. The bristles on the top are a lot bigger, the rest of them are smaller.

The front side of the Foreo Luna Mini is better suited for the more sensitive, small area like your nose while the back side is better for your cheeks or forehead, but of course you are free to use whatever side you want.

The back of the Foreo Luna mini has the charging hole as well as the same big bristles from the front top side.

Buy it or pass it?

I personally think that if you always wanted to get a facial cleansing device - go for the Foreo Luna or Luna Mini rather than a facial brush.
If you have acne prone skin, very oily skin or you just feel like your skin is having a rough time, you have blackheads etc. you might go for it and buy it. If you have and always had good skin you might skip on it since I don't think you will see a drastic change. How would you, you have perfect skin anyway. I, myself, do have good skin but I suffer from blackheads around my nose and bumpy skin on the forehead depending on what season it is so I did want to get a Foreo Luna because it really intrigued me. If you can afford it easily and you want it - go for it. It's a funny device that makes washing your face much more fun and it always leaves my skin feeling super soft and healthy after using it.

Pro's & Con's

+ very hygenic since it doesn't hold bacteria
+ charges within 1 hour
+ 300 uses with one charge
+ waterproof
+ small and travel friendly
+ no running costs (no brush head change)
+ leaves skin feeling super soft

- price
- can't be used on the eye area

I really hope you enjoyed today's post and keep your eyes peeled for my August 2015 Favourites next week!

xox, Julia

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