My MAC Cosmetics Must-Haves

Hello beauties!
I am really sorry that I have been mia but I had started a job instead of university and it was just super hectic and now I have been in a early-life-crisis. But I am back now with a new blog post for ya'll and this time it's my top MAC products that I think everybody needs in their life.

Let's start off with base products.

 MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW 15) and Strobe Cream (travel size)

As a primer/base I absolutely love to use the Strobe Cream which acts kind of like highlighter/illuminating moisturizer. I especially like MAC's version because I find it's not too glowy as to where you look like you are a sweaty mess.
My favourite concealer of all time is the Pro Longwear concealer which I use in the colour NW 15, I used to have NC 15 but I found it was a bit too yellow for my skintone so I bought the NW instead. I adore this concealer, it will probably stay my holy grail concealer for life. It gives great coverage but does not crease on me as long as I set it with a powder right after applying it. Also it's not too glowy and not too matte, it's the perfect in-between.

Next are the face products. 

 clockwise: MSF Soft & Gentle, Powder Blush Harmony, Powder Blush Melba

Everyone and their momma knows this product and it's the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. A lot of people say it's too glittery for them but I personally like it a lot. It is not that glittery in my eyes but if you compare it to the thebalm Mary Lou-Manizer, then it is a bit more glittery than that.
The perfect contour shade from MAC will always be the Powder Blush in Harmony. I think that it's very versatile, it fits fair people but also people with a medium to dark skin tone. The dark skin tones might be able to use it as an actual blush, but even on really fair people this looks great.
And the last face product is the Powder Blush in Melba. We all know that blush don't we? Honestly I love all MAC blushes, may it be the sheertoned shimmer ones or the pro longwear blushes, I indeed think MAC makes amazing blushes for every single skintone.

f.l.t.r.: Soft & Gentle, Melba, Harmony

Let's finish off with some lip products, shall we? I know you have all been waiting for this. I decided to pick three different shade, one nude, one everyday shade and a red.

 f.l.t.r.: Lip Pencil in Subculture, Lipsticks in Creme d'Nude, Faux, Russian Red

My favourite lip pencil from MAC will probably always be Subculture because I find that it is the perfect nude shade for fair skin, and also it goes well with really pale nudes like Myth or Creme d'nude but it also goes well with the more pinky or browny nudes. You might even be able to wear it with darker lip colours if you don't have a red or plum lip pencil at home. MAC probably makes the best lip pencils because they have a nice formula that is not too drying and they also have great colours plus they last a nice amount of time.

The lipstick in Creme d'Nude has been my go to nude lipstick for a long time now, one time I lost it at the club and I just had to go and get a new one the next day. Momma ain't gonna live without this one. Also it's a Cremesheen formula so it's really moisturizing and comfortable on the lips.
MAC's Faux lipstick is my go-to lip colour. When I first got it I was really excited for the colour and when I put it on my lips I was like "Hell naah!", but I kept looking at it in the tube and just couldn't believe how a beauty everyday shade it is so I tried it again this summer and I love it. It's actually quite nice with a fair skintone but I love it with a bronzed up skin especially. The finish is a Satin which are probably my favourite of MAC lipsticks.

And last but not least, you guessed it. It's Russian Red. The classic red lip you will love and do indeed need in your life. It is just the perfect red colour in the world. It's a matte finish and MAC's matte finish lipsticks can be quite drying sometimes (especially a few colours of them and Russian Red is definitely one of them) but I love it anyway. If you're gonna get one MAC lipstick, go for Russian Red if you like red lipsticks, if you don't - you need Faux in your life.

 f.l.t.r.: Subculture, Creme d'Nude, Faux, Russian Red

I really hope you enjoyed today's post and will be checking for new blogposts (hopefully every week from now on).

xox, Julia

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