Products I Regret Buying

Hello lovelies!
Today I am blogging about all the products that I totally regret buying and wish I had not spend my money on that, no matter if it was expensive or not.

I am sorry I do not own some of the products anymore to show you guys, but it's because I either threw them away or gave them to my friends if they are products that just did not work for me personally. Let's start with the products though.

L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara

This mascara has so many amazing reviews, everyone seems to love it, especially on youtube but I just find it does absolutely nothing for my lashes. First of all it is very thin and liquidy while I like my mascaras to be more of a thicker consistency like the Benefit They're Real mascara. It just makes my lashes look very nasty and spidery, they start to creep in all different directions, it just does not work for me. I might even give this to my mother, maybe she will get along with it more than I do.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Of course you're all thinking "How can you regret buying this? Urban Decay makes amazing eyeshadows!" and yes, you are completely right. But this Naked palette just did not work for me. I love all the Naked palettes, this one included but the colours are just not for me. I hardly ever wear pink/purple eyeshadows because it's a bit too girly for me. I'm also not a big fan of pink nails or lips so the Naked 3 is definitely a product I regret spending my money on. And as you can see, I don't even own it anymore because I gave it to someone who will love it more than I did!

COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo

While the COLAB sheer invisible dry shampoo is my all time favourite, this one was definitely more of a miss than a hit. First of all, it does not give any volume to my hair as well as making it really sticky where I even had to wash my hair the next day because it was making my 3rd day hair look absolutely greasy. Definitely regret getting this one!

Tom Ford Lipsticks

While everyone seems to love the Tom Ford lipsticks, I don't find them to be anything special. They are one of the most expensive lipsticks out there (49€) but they quality is not even that amazing. I had the colour Nude Vanille which was not a flattering colour on my skin but it also was just a normal lipstick. They don't last very long and I'd honestly say if you get a MAC lipstick instead that'd be a better deal. Already gave this one away because someone else will definitely love it more than me.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks

This lipsticks are probably even worse than the Tom Ford ones. I own two colours and one of them is a shimmery mess (#11) and the other one is just like the TF one not really great in lasting power either (#06). The colour is not really for me either, they are quite creamy I have to give it to them but just for the price I think there are better lipstick brands out there for cheaper. Would definitely not buy again and these two are going to a new owner soon.

Chanel Lévres Scintillantes Lipgloss

While I love the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, I cannot understand how people like these lipglosses. I used to own a different colour as well but I returned it right after I got it in the mail because first, the colour was horrible and second, the formula is horrible. They are very thick in consistency and really hard to blend and distribute on your lips, they are sticky and like a usual lipgloss they don't last longer either. I'd rather spend my money on something else than these glosses.

NYX Cream Blush

For anyone wondering, the shade I own is #11 Boho Chic and while it is a gorgeous colour, I just don't get on with it. I don't know what it is about cream blushes, I cannot make them work for me. I even bought the Zoeva #122 Petite Stippling brush to apply and blend it out with, I tried using my fingers.. I can't work it out.

Catrice Eyelash Serum

I didn't even get to try this one out properly because when I first applied it, it burned my eyes so badly that I started crying, my eyes turned really red and I had trouble seeing and all I could think was "Great, now I am turning blind from a lash serum" which luckily I didn't but this experience just made me throw it away without further trying it again and from what I read online, a few people had experiences extreme burning as well so you might skip on this one and invest in a good lash serum like RapidLash before you actually demage your eyes.

MAC Myth Lipstick

I have tried so many times to make this lipstick work but it just won't. It doesn't look good on my very pale skin, not all over the lips, not topped off with different kinds of lipglosses, not as a highlight in the centre of the lip over top of a darker nude, nothing. It just doesn't look good. And I even find that on darker skin tones it is not very flattering either.

These were all my products I regret buying as of now but I am sure there will be other products I regret purchasing in the future so stay tuned for a Part 2!

xox, Julia

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