MAC Honeylove vs. Artdeco #667 // COMPARISON

Recently I ordered this beautiful nude lipstick by Artdeco in the colour #667 "Natural Beauty" and when applying it, it reminded me a lot of MAC Honeylove lipstick so of course I had to check and see if they are similar and I can now tell you - yes they are.

The price does not make a huge difference like it would with a Chanel lipstick, but still, the Artdeco lipstick costs you 13,95€ while the MAC one retails for 21,95€. 

MAC Honeylove is a matte finish (even though I personally think it does not look like a flat matte lipstick, rather more satiny) and the Artdeco lipstick is named to be a "Velvet" lipstick, a special range they have with just a few different shades (from what I have seen).

top: Artdeco Natural Beauty; bottom: MAC Honeylove

While they do not look very similar in the swatch, I promise you they do in person. From the swatch you would think the Artdeco lipstick is more of a peachy nude and Honeylove more of a browny nude but in real life, they are both very similar except for the fact that MAC Honeylove is just a tiny bit darker but you can probably only tell by swatching them side by side.

I like texture of the Artdeco lipstick a bit more than I do Honeylove because I find it does not dry my lips out, while Honeylove does indeed do that slowly but surely. 

They both have a nice texture as well as opacity and last quite a while on the lips. If you are on a budget and always wanted to try MAC Honeylove, you should definitely give Artdeco's Natural Beauty #667 a chance!

xox, Julia

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