REVIEW // Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Hello beauties!

For the past couple of months, I have been trying out the Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay which is a powder that you mix with equal amounts of water and/or apple cider vinegar and put it on your face to draw out any impurities you might have.

The first couple of times that I used it, I thought my face is burning off. I had this extremely weird feeling of pain on my face which turned out to only appear when the clay was drying on my face so it eventually was not actual pain, only a really uncomfortable feeling when the clay was drying.

It recommends to not leave it on for quite as long if your skin is sensitive since it is kind of harsh on your face and usually leaves my face a bit red, especially around the areas where I applied the clay. Also, I find my skin to be just a little itchy after I wash it off but with a good moisturizer, it usually goes away within 10 minutes.

The very first thing I have to say about this mask is that this bad boy draws out your impurities like nothing I have ever tried before. If you have really clogged pores and just feel like your skin is dirty, try this mask.

I have heard many times now that you are not supposed to use clay masks when you have dry skin because obviously the clay will dry out your skin even more, but since I got into the mask from Kathleen on YT and she has extremely dry skin, I figured I would just give it a try. I can definitely see how it dries out my skin if I use it quite a lot in a little time frame. My nose and skin area right now (which are also the more trouble proned areas on my face) are so dry right now, the skin literally started flaking off which I absolutely hate when that happens. But for the future, I know to only use it maybe once every two weeks for just 5-10 minutes and I should be fine.

Personally I would not recommend using it too often because I feel things like that are not a necessity. If your skin is really bad, you should definitely check out a dermatologist before using any kind of masks, scrubs, etc. on your face anyway, because you never know if the product is going to affect your skin in a bad way so I highly, highly recommend getting your skin checked out properly. The dermatologist will recommend products for your specific skin, so stick to those. I am lucky enough to have pretty good skin when it comes to acne and blackheads, so I don't need to use acne/blackhead products all too often, I use things like the healing clay when I feel like my skin is having a really rough time or I can see actual blackheads (which usually happens when wore make-up for several days in a row without giving my skin a little rest in between) on my nose.

All in all I think the masks fulfills its purpose like a dream. I have never come across a mask that draws out impurities like this baby. If you have normal to oily skin, you shouldn't have any problems using this mask. If you have quite sensitive skin that is dry, you might be a little more careful with it and use it only if your skin is having a really bad time.

xox, Julia

P.S.: You can get this at many different places like iHerb, VitaCost, Vitamineshoppe and Amazon. I would recommend getting it off any other website than Amazon because in my experience it was the most expensive on there!


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