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Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I would show you what's on my new iPad Mini 4.

To be quite honest, I have never been a tablet kind of person because I found them to be unnecessary, if you have a smartphone and a laptop, why would you need a tablet?! But since I'm planning to start university again, I thought instead of carrying a big, bulky and heavy laptop around with me, I might just invest in an iPad.

I decided to go for the Mini 4 (in gold, I'm a princess like that lol) because my boyfriend has the Air 2 which recently came out as well and I personally find it a bit too big. Of course it all depends on what you want to use your tablet for but since I'll be travelling a few hours to come to uni and I carry a big, heavy bag already, a small tablet is just fine. Also, mine is 16GB because I thought if I only use it for university, I don't really need to go for 64.

The Mini 4 is the newest iPad that just recently came out with the new iPhone 6S and 6S+ so as of now, there is no official keyboard out yet to go with it. Since I do plan on using it to write notes etc. I want to get a keyboard for it to just be tiping a lot quicker and easier. 

If you are looking for a keyboard for your iPad Mini 4, there are keyboards out there, you can use it with any bluetooth keyboard out there since they are only connected via bluetooth.. but there are keyboards out there that double as a iPad cover so you can put your iPad in them to stand up, there are a few ones that you can literally use like a laptop so for that, you do need a specific iPad Mini 4 keyboard if you want the keyboard to double as a cover for your tablet. (Sidenote: the Mini 4 has a different size from the previous Mini 3 and 2, so it will not fit in the cases or fit in the keyboard covers for the Mini 2/3 so be careful).

The case I am currently using is a gold smart cover that I got from Amazon (x) really cheap.

Enough about the tech info, let's get into what is on my iPad Mini 4.

First Page

On the first page I keep all my essential app that I will use on the regular which is why they are on the first page. I'm usually a big fan of making app folders (you should see my iPhone, it's full of  different folders) because I like being organized and I don't see the point in putting game apps all over the pages when you can just easily put them all together in one simple game folder.

Top Row: Mail, Calendar, Photos, Camera

Second Row: Youtube, Notes, Clock, Weather

Third Row: The Calculator, Maps, Social Media Folder, Word

Fourth Row: Netflix, Kindle, Relaxing, Games Folder

Fifth Row: Amazon, iTunes Store, App Store, Settings

On my bottom bar I keep Messages, Safari and Music (even though my Music app is empty because I prefer to listen to music on my Phone and also I want to be on the safe side as to where I can never play music out loud in class by accident).

My Social Media folder contains Facebook, Messenger (why on earth did Facebook have to invent an extra app for your Facebook messages, I will never understand), Instapic (because there is no official Instagram app for the iPad), Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and FaceTime.

Then I also have the Game folder where I keep all the games I like to play on the iPad such as Quizduell (which is basically just a trivia game where you compete against your friends or strangers if that's what you're into), Gummy Drop, Tetris Free, Mahjong and 8 Ball Pool (which I am obsessed with, I used to play it on my laptop all the time until I found out there is an App for the iPad, yes please, give me that).

Second Page

There is not a lot going on on my second page. This is apps I only need for university so they're not on the first page. The Word app that's on my first page is basically used for university purposes as well so I am still debating on whether to make a University Folder for the front page or put all university related apps on the second page.

Anyway, the only two apps I have on this page are Adobe Acrobat in case I need to make PDF files or just want to open them with the app for a better look at them. I honestly have no idea if I will ever need this app because as far as I know, you can open PDF files on the iPad and iPhone without any app but I saw it in the app store so I got it. Maybe it comes in handy once, who knows.

The second app is Moodle Mobile because I know from studying law for the past two years, professors do like to work with Moodle quite a lot for specific classes where they upload notes for you or old tests that you can look at or sometimes even projects so it's definitely a useful app.

Last Page

My third and last page contains one little folder called Tools. This is what I like to do with my iPhone as well, I will make a folder called Tools with all the irrelevant apps that Apple wants you to have and you cannot get rid of even though they are absolutely useless. So I will make a folder for those and put them on a page on their own so I never have to look at them.

In case anyone is interested (which I highly doubt but I'm going to show you anyway), this is what the Tools Folder contains

First Row: Photo Booth, iBooks, Contacts, Reminders

Second Row: Videos, Friends, Podcasts, Game Center

Third Row: Tips, Find my iPhone

I really hope you enjoyed this little trip into my iPad.

I personally love watching the What's on my iPhone / iPad Tag on Youtube because I like to get good app recommendations, especially for the iPad when you're going to use it for university it is nice to see what apps other university students use so you might find a new app that's very useful but you never heard of before!

See you next week

xox, Julia

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