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Today is a bit of a different product post. You know I absolutely love beauty products but another thing I absolutely drool over is stationary. And one thing I always struggle to find is a good planner. I can never find my perfect planner so when I stumbled across this website called I got way too excited. Since the new year has just begun I thought this is the perfect time to share this with you!

Basically, it's a website where you can design your very own planner. There is a few different sizes you can choose from, so there is an A5 and A6 planner size as well as a 15x14 cm size if you prefer that. Once you decided on a size, you can then again choose between the classic or premium planner which just means the premium one is a bit more sturdy (even though the classic is already sturdy as well).

After you decided on that, it's time to start designing. You can upload your own cover photos for your planner, you can go for a pre-made design like anchors, stars, dots, a heart, stripes, etc. as well as choosing the colour for the design. You can put text on the front cover if you want, you can design the back cover, you get to choose the colour of the rubber band on the side. Also, the inside contains 12 months of where you can choose the starting month, as for me, I went for January 2016.

After you are done creating the outside of your planner, it is now time to change the inside.

For the first page, you can choose a title and a text. You can use it to write down your name and address, leave it blank, use it for an inspirational quote, anything really. 

I decided to go for a quote from the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso to inspire me every day.

Now the fun part begins. For the next step, you can choose the actual inside, the calendar. Go for the classic calendar style or if you're a student, you might go for the student calendar option. If you got the A5 size, you can also choose the days to go down vertical rather than horizontal. You can get it in the colour of your choice. Maybe green, pink, or blue? A little bit of orange is what you prefer? I personally decided to go for a grey inside to match the cover with the inside.

For the days, you can add times, the moon phases, holidays, star signs, saint's days. I decided to add the holidays, moon phases, star signs and times for better planning.

Once this is done, you can choose add-ons for the days, for example a little add-on to write down the hours of work, the weather, your period or the amount of beer you drank (yeah, that's a little weird, don't ask me). For the A5 size option, you also get to add a daily to-do list as well as a personal training add-on.

I personally decided to go for neither of the add-ons just because I like my planner to look a bit more organized and have more space to write down actual appointments rather than having loads of little fun things all over the pages.

For the purpose of the blogpost and demonstration, I added some to show you what it would look like.

Only for size option A5, the second to last step in creating your very own planner is to choose the weekly modules, which means you can put different things on the bottom of your weeks like a to-do list, projects, football, weekly curve, top ten etc. (picture above)

For the smaller size options, you do not get to choose weekly modules so it will look like the second to last picture from above.

My planner got two to-do lists, one on each side, as well as just basic lines in case I want to write anything other important down, then I have space to do it there.

The very last step then is to choose the two attachments on the last few pages, which means you get to choose between a yearly calendar for 2016/2017, a birthday calendar, lines, plaid, stave, family & health, address book, holidays, a map, etc.

I went for a yearly calendar and the address book because when I'm at uni and I meet new people or the professors give us their E-Mail address or something, I can quickly write it down there instead of having to wip out my phone and write it in the notes app.

And now you're done creating your personal planner. All that's left to do is order it and wait for your planner to arrive at your doorstep.

The shipping was actually quite fast, it took like one or two days for it to be shipped since obviously the planner has to be made first and then it took two more days for it to arrive.

At first I wasn't sure what to expect of it since you know, it's online, you're designing something and it will look nice on the computer screen but who knows what it's going to look like in real life. Will it be nice quality? Will it look like I expected? Did everything I personalized actually come like I designed it? The answer is yes. I'm super impressed with the planner and I cannot wait to start planning.

Here are a few pictures of my finished planner

The Cover

First Page

The Calendar

Yearly Calendar 2016/2017

I cannot recommend this website enough. If you are very fuzzy about your planners and struggle to find the perfect one for you because either the price is too high, the cover isn't cute enough, you like the cover but the inside is not how you would like it.. then definitely check this website out! You will not regret it!

Trust me when I say that once 2016 is over and I need a new planner for 2017, I will 100% go back to their website and make myself a new planner again because I think for the price they are amazing quality and you're going to be the only person with that exact planner which is nice as well because usually people all run around with the same looking planner. And of course planning makes a lot more fun when you have a cute planner to write into!

xox, Julia

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