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Hello lovelies!

I did a bit of shopping recently so I thought I might as well share the things I got with y'all. Don't you worry, a make-up haul is soon to come as well! The shop I ordered from was SheInside where I love to go if I am looking for some basic clothing items. I find that they offer the best basic tee's, I have always struggled to find decent basics in grey, black and white and SheInside has the best ones, in my opinion.

Army Green Tee

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I have been looking for a basic tee in olive/army green for such a long time but somehow I just could not find one anywhere. When I found this one on Sheinside I was so excited, I had to get it. It fits me nicely, it is a bit short, nowhere near a crop top but still a bit short. I don't mind that though and I recommend it to anyone who wants an army green basic tee!

Gold Print Tee

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Does this not look so freaking cool? I fell in love when I saw that shirt online, I had to have it. It has a great oversized fit, the only thing that bothers me about it is the sleeves. I might eventually cut them off right where the sewing is because it makes that V shape for your shoulders at places where no shoulders even are which makes it look weird af. But I am sure when I cut them off it will look amazing!

Black Sequin Sweatshirt

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I saw this on the pictures and thought it was so cute. I was disappointed with it because it's not a regular sweatshirt material but rather this cold, shiny material that makes it look really cheap. I am not sure if I am ever going to wear this but I wanted to show you anyway.

Grey Lipstick Tee

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This is probably my favourite shirt I ever got from Sheinside. I wore it to death already which is why I got myself the same shirt twice, just in case. It fits perfectly on my body, I just adore it so much. You should definitely go get you some if you like that shirt! 

Navy Striped Tee

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I am the worst at describing and knowing materials, but this has not your regular cotton material. It's a bit more slippery and flowy, a tiny bit shiny as well. It's a great oversize fit and I love wearing navy striped shirts in general. Definitely a nice basic tee.

Black Striped Tee

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This has a great material. I am pretty sure it is cotton but not these cheap kind of materials, it is rather thick and stiff compared to most basic tees you find in the shops. Definitely not see-through at all! I love the fit of it, definitely a bit more manly but I love the black/white stripes.

Oversized Grey Tee

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This is the ultimate oversized basic tee. This fits extremely oversized and loose, I can wear it off of one shoulder and I love it. I have been on the hunt for a oversized tee that would fall off one shoulder and none of them ever would because either the material was too stiff or the collar cut-out was too small as to where it would come off one shoulder. But this fits amazingly. Just like what I was looking for forever. It is a tiny bit see-through but I don't mind at all.

Basic White Tee

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What can I say? Basic white tee describes it perfectly already. The sleeves are rolled up a bit, the material is a bit thicker as well so you can't see through the white shirt which is the struggle with most white tees, I find. All in all a decent white tee.

Blue Sequin Dress

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Beautiful blue sequin bodycon dress. It's not too short as to where your bum hangs out, but not too long either. I find it's the perfect length for a short dress, everything is covered that it needs to cover. The sequins are actual sequins, the colours are beautiful.. gorgeous dress!

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