Lancôme Grandiose Mascara // REVIEW

Hello beauties!

Today I am bringing you a review and my opinions on the Lancome Grandiose Mascara that I have recently picked up. I think I have finally tested it out well enough to share my true and honest thoughts on this mascara and tell you whether I think it is worth the money or not.


The mascara comes in a beautiful black tube with a see-through top in which you can see a black rose on the inside. I think the packaging is absolutely beautiful, it looks extremely expensive and chic, definitely a mascara that you'd want to put out on your vanity for people to see it.


The wand of this mascara is definitely very unique. I have never seen a mascara with a wand like this before so I was quite curious to try it out and see if it makes any difference to the application. 

As you can see the wand is not your typical, straight mascara wand that lip glosses, concealers etc. have as well, but the wand on the Grandiose mascara is bent, kind of making a bit of an S-shape. The very tip aka the brush itself is a rubber brush, which I usually prefer on my mascaras anyway. This one is very spiky, the front bristles right at the tip of the brush start out short and become longer and longer which you can see on the picture above.

I find that the bristles have a really nice length, formation and feel to them so they separate my eyelashes beautifully and coat my lashes evenly.


As a gal who loves her dry formula mascaras such as Benefit They're Real, I was quite shocked when I first tried out the Grandiose mascara because the formula on this one is extremely wet. Usually I do not get along with very wet mascara formulas because I find them to not really stick to my lashes, they smear all over my eye area throughout the day, overall they are just a complete mess and do absolutely nothing for my lashes. But to be fair, something about this formula is different.

I don't know whether it is the formula alone or if the brush has a huge impact on the performance of the Lancome Grandiose mascara but I love it.


As I already said, the formula is very wet which I hated the first few times I tried this mascara out but the more I used it, the more I fell in love. The Grandiose mascara separates my lashes so beautifully, it coats them evenly with the perfect amount of product as to where I do not have to sit there, trying to make my lashes look nice and long for half an hour. I am very picky with my mascara and the way my lashes look, I always want my lash game to be 100 and this mascara definitely does it for me. 

Usually I will sit in front of my make up vanity and apply mascara for 15 minutes, using three different mascaras at once just to get the perfect look but with the Grandiose one, I can just apply a few coats within 5 minutes, and my eyelashes will look voluminous, long and separated nicely. 

The only downside to this mascara is that because of it's quite wet formula, it does smudge easily, especially since I do have quite long lashes to begin with (even on the bottom lash line) and the warmer months are upon us which means sweating. I do love this mascara so much though, I might even look into it to see if there is a waterproof version because I love it that much.


The mascara comes with it's own little sheet on how to use the wand properly (since it has this very special shape to it), which I read once and never really used it how Lancome told me to, and I still get an absolutely amazing application. 

The Grandiose mascara has definitely become my favourite mascara next to Benefit They're Real as a none-waterproof mascara. On days where it's a bit cozy outside and not as hot, I will always use the Grandiose one over They're Real just because I find that it gives me an even more beautiful look than the Benefit mascara does and it is easier to remove. If the formula was a bit more smudge-proof, it would be my holy grail, cannot live without mascara for sure.

I can definitely recommend the Lancome Grandiose mascara to anyone of you who is looking for beautiful long lashes, with a bit of volume as well.

See you next week, stay beautiful!

xox, Julia

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