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Hello beauties!

Recently I didn't get to try out that many new products, so I haven't felt like monthly beauty favourites were needed over the couple last months. Instead I wanted to share with you products that I absolutely love but for some reason not hear people talk about. We all know those products that get hyped up way too much, everyone and their mother is talking about them, loving them, raving about them. But today it is all about products that have not been hyped about but would for sure deserve it.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I know these have been around for quite some time, recently they even came out with a few more shades to the collection and I must say that these are one of my favourite liquid lipstick type of products. They are very creamy, feel more like a mousse actually, they aren't too drying on the lips yet they dry matte (as the name would suggest). I find them to be quite comfortable to wear and for the price and what they are, they are definitely a staple in my collection.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Another NYX product that I absolutely love is their Micro Brow pencil. They have several different eyebrow pencil products but the Micro Brow with the twist up pencil is definitely my favourite. I haven't tried too many brow products, just because I never felt like any of them worked very well and just made my brows look way too bold for my liking. I used to use only a bit of tinted eyebrow gel to give them a little more colour and hold, but when the Micro Brow came out, I decided to try this one instead of purchasing the more expensive and yet very similar version by Anastasia (the Brow Wiz). As I said, I have not tried the Brow Wiz by Anastasia so I cannot compare the two when it comes to formula, blending, staying power, pigmentation etc. but I do know that I like the NYX Micro Brow a lot and it's the first brow pencil that actually made my brows look good.

Kiko Kajal in #01

When I first got this product as a free gift with my purchase on the Kiko website, I wasn't really interested in it. I didn't want it, I didn't need it because I was using my Max Factor Kajal in Natural Glaze for my waterline but then I heard Tati (GlamLifeGuru) talk about this Kajal in one of her videos. She was talking about how this is her favourite pencil for her bottom waterline and I was like "Hey, I actually have this!" So of course, I had to try it and I love it. This is so much better than my Max Factor one, very creamy and easy to put on, it stays there quite nicely and the colour is perfect as well. A nude kajal seems like such an underrated product in general, but if you have a Kiko counter near you, definitely check out this product!

NYX Cream Blush

I have been in the market for a cream blush for the warmer months because my skin is very dry so I didn't want to put even more dry powder on my face and switch out the powder products for creams instead. I came across the NYX cream blushes and decided to try one out since they are very budget friendly and now I came to love them. I will definitely check out a few more colours. I personally have tried to put cream blushes on with duo fibre brushes, with standard stippling brushes, with the beauty blender and with my fingers and I definitely prefer the application with my fingers. I will pick up product with two fingers, rub it together with both of my hands and then pat it onto my cheeks. I find this gives me the most natural look, and if I need to blend it out I will use a duo fibre brush to blend the product. The NYX cream blushes are really easy to blend, sit nicely on my dry skin as well and last a long time. The pigmentation is great so you have to be careful not to use too much. I really like them and I don't know why not more people talk about them.

Benefit Watt's Up

As I said, I like to switch my powder products for cream products in the warmer months because my skin is quite dry and I don't want dry, matte skin in the spring, summer time. I find that the Benefit Watt's Up is an amazing cream/stick highlighter. I like it a lot more than the High Beam by benefit. For some reason I find that the High Beam (or Posie Tint, Bene Tint for that matter) take off my foundation while the Watt's Up does not do that but sits nicely on my cheekbones and tip of the nose. I think the colour is very nice for fair skin tones as well as medium skin tones. Definitely deserves a lot more hype than it has.

H&M Lip Definer

Since H&M has launched their beauty line, I still have not heard too many people talk about their products really so I tried a few things myself. The H&M lip liners are definitely one thing that stuck out to me because they are extremely creamy and easy to apply. I really enjoy the nude shade which is called Au Naturel. If you are on the market for a new lip liner but the MAC ones are too dry and hard to work with for you, check out H&M's beauty counter.

Kiko Automatic Precision Lip Liner

Just like the H&M lip definers the Kiko Automatic Precision lip liners are one of my favourites because they have nice shades and are very creamy and pigmented. The nude shade #500 is a gorgeous everyday nude in my opinion and they definitely deserve a mention in this blogpost. So just like I said about the H&M liners, if you are looking for a creamy lip liner, check out H&M or Kiko because they are both really creamy and pigmented lip liners that don't drag your lips and feel comfortable!

Essence Silky Touch Blush

When it comes to nice blushes, the drugstore definitely has a lot to offer but one type of blush that I especially like from the drugstore are the Silky Touch blushes by Essence. As far as I know, Essence is now also available in the US so they are a lot easier to get a hold of now. If you have the chance, definitely have a look at your local drugstore and check the Essence counter because they have great affordable make up. The Silky Touch blushes are definitely one of my favourite things from Essence. They have so many nice shades, they are quite pigmented and feel very silky, not powdery at all. Sometimes they also come out with limited edition shades in new LE collections they do like every other month so be sure to keep an eye out for those too!

I really hope you enjoyed todays post!

P.S.: I am apologizing for the different / old background of all my product shots. I am in the progress of moving, and I also switched from a Windows laptop to a Macbook Air which I am still trying to figure out a few things (also don't have Photoshop yet so please bare with me and the maybe not perfectly looking product shots in the future). I am trying to figure it out asap. Also, I might be lacking posts in the next couple of weeks but I'm definitely trying my best to don't leave you guys hanging. Hopefully you can understand!

xox, Julia

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