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Today I am bringing you a review of the Supplied by Lily Desk Planner that the Youtuber and law student LilyLikecom (Youtube / Blog / Instagram / Shop) brought out. She is mostly know for her Law School Vlogs where she shows you the day-to-day life of a law student. As she is a really motivated and organized student, she brought out her own desk planner which of course, I had to get. As a law student myself and stationary lover, I had so snatch myself one of her desk planners so today, I am showing you exactly how it looks and what I think of it.


The design of her desk planner is absolutely gorgeous. It has this white marble print on the back and the front, the wire on the side is like a coppery kind of colour. The front says "Desk Planner" in a rose gold font, the back says "".

If you are a teenage girl living in 2016, you got to love yourself a bit of marble and rose gold so this desk planner is definitely very trendy.

The dimensions of the desk planner are 25 x 13 cm


The inside layout is very cute and I think she designed it quite smart. It's got your basic white paper but the top has the same marble print as the cover of the desk planner which I find to be such a nice touch, it really makes it look a lot nicer and quite a bit more luxurious than if it only had white paper.

What I think is especially clever about the layout on the inside is that there are no dates. So on weeks where you don't have to really do anything or might have time off of university, you don't have to use the desk planner but aren't waisting any papers.

On a normal calendar, it starts with a certain date and ends with a certain date so usually there is quite a bit of papers and dates wasted for nothing while with this one, you can use it whenever you want, at the date you want. You can start whenever your new semester starts again (I know it's different for everybody, school starts differently than university does, it varies with the different countries too) which is genius. Don't we all just hate it when we get a beautiful new calendar or desk planner that starts with January 1st and ends first week of the following year when really we start using it maybe in the middle of the year and you're like "Great, all these months going to waste". So shoutout to Lily, you really put your thoughts and mind into creating and designing this desk planner and making it as useful as possible.

The top papers have space for "To do / School" as well as "To Do / Others" where you can write down random activities you might have like a shopping trip with your best friend or a date night with your loved one. It also comes with a "Exams / Deadlines" column and "Inspiration" on the very right side with a lovely quote that's different on each page.

The bottom papers are the actual weekly planner starting with Monday and ending with Sunday. Next to the days you have a little space to write down the date of each week so you stay organized and don't get confused. Below each day you get 9 lines to write down what you got to do for each day.

More on the Inside

The very first page on the inside is this beautiful shot of Lily where she thanks you for purchasing her desk planner and motivates you.

The following page you get an overview of 2016 and 2017 which is useful if you might quickly want to check what day October 6th of 2017 is (it's a friday, thank you desk planner). After that page, the actual desk planner starts. It contains 52 weeks for you to plan.

The last few pages are about her SuppliedbyLily Instagram page and the #LAWFAM hashtag she created as well as her Snapchat LilNappyHairz and the very last page is another gorgeous shot of Lily with quite the motivational speech for any student.

Price and Shipping

The price for the desk planner itself is 17,00€ (I got it on pre-order for a discounted price of 15€) and they ship international. The shipping price is 7,50€ and 17,00€ for tracked shipping if you want to know exactly where your planner is and how long it is going to take to be at your house.

The shipping was quite fast (please consider that I live in Europe and the planners are shipped out in Europe as well so shipping times vary depending on your location), it probably took a week to arrive to my door step.

Since my desk planner was pre-ordered I had to wait several weeks before it got shipped out but once she actually started shipping out the final planners, it arrived within a week.


My final thoughts on the planner are simple - I love it. I think it looks pretty on your desk, the layout is very beautiful and smart designed, definitely very useful and a lot nicer than the usual desk planners you can get in stationary shops.

I cannot wait for university to start again next week so I can properly use the desk planner and hopefully stay a lot more on track and motivated for the new semester.

If you are looking for a new desk planner and you love marble, you should give the Supplied by Lily desk planner a try!

xox, Julia

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