NYX Angel Veil Primer // REVIEW

Today I want to talk about a new primer that I recently tried out for the first time and quickly it became one of my favourite primers I have ever used. The product I am talking about (which you also probably saw in the title already) is the NYX Angel Veil.

The NYX Angel Veil was made up to be a dupe for the Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer but I cannot comment on that because I have never tried the Too Faced one (yet).

Let's get into the review!


Personally I think the packaging is really cute. It has a sleek white packaging with a metallic pink bottom cap and a cute black font that says "Angel Veil".

The only thing I was bummed about when I got it in the mail was that the tube looks so small. For whatever reason I expected it to be a lot bigger but compared to Benefit Porefessional (22ml) and the Instablur (20 ml), this is actually quite a big primer with the content of 30ml. Maybe the packaging just fools my eyes.


NYX describes this product as an "ultra-velvety, oil free primer that feels lighter than a cloud and leaves the skin looking and feeling divine." Honestly, I could not agree more.

It is such a light weight formula but makes the skin look so smooth and velvety. It's not drying matte in any way and has more of a moisturizer feel to it. Usually with those type of primers that make your skin matte/velvet looking and fill in your pores, you'd expect it to have a silicone feel to it and crumble off when you use to much product. But this primer comes out like a white, lightweight moisturizer that makes my skin so smooth.

I have quite a bit of texture and large pores around my nose and I used to try out silicone primers like Benefit Porefession or the Body Shop Instablur, but those kind of silicone primers always clog my pores and make me break out and get even more texture and bumps. Of course they make my skin look flawless for the first 15 minutes but after that, I start to feel the pimples coming already and you can already see the little bumps. Not a cute look.

So because of that, I used to just not fill in my pores and live with the look of my foundation/concealer settle into them. But these days are gone.

I am not sure if the Angel Veil is supposed to fill in your pores or anything but whatever the magic is that it does, it works wonders. I ain't even asking questions. It makes my textured nose look so smooth and nice, but at the same time it doesn't clog my pores or make me break out.

I use it sparingly and only on the areas where I have texture or pores because I like more of a glowy look to my skin, especially in winter so I don't want to overly mattify it.


Get this primer! It might be a bit pricey for a drugstore primer but it works wonders. This is a magic primer and I have no idea how I could live without this for so long. I can totally see why it is usually sold out on Feelunique.com

I really hope if you try out the NYX Angel Veil that you love it just as much as I do!
Have a great rest of the week!

xox, Julia

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