MakeUp Forever Pro Sculpting Duo // REVIEW

After eyeing the beautiful MakeUp Forever Pro Sculpting Duo for the longest time, seeing it being used in any beauty gurus Youtube video.. I finally purchased it myself. And today I'm here to bring you a review of it.

As far as I know, MakeUp Forever recently came out with their bronzers and highlighters seperately, so if you thought of getting the duo just for either of the one, you might as well check out their singles.

The duo comes in two different shades, 01 and 02. The shade that I am reviewing here is the 01 shade that has got a more light pink highlighter while the 02 duo has more of a golden highlighter, which is better suited for medium to dark skin tones.

Quality & Pigmentation

The texture of these powders is really nothing like anything that I have ever felt. They are quite hard in the pan, but give off amazing pigmentation. It doesn't feel powdery or full of chunky glitter either.. when you rub your fingers it feels super soft and quite a bit gel-like. It is hard to describe but it's seriously like nothing I know, really unique product.

Also, it barely has any kick-back when you tab your brush into either of the shades. Another indicator for the product to not be powdery at all. Plus, I find that you don't lose product if it isn't powdery and has no fall-out.

Highlighter Comparison

f.l.t.r.: Dior Nude Air Illuminator 001, MUF Pro Sculpting Duo 01 Highlighter, MUF Pro Sculpting Duo 01 Bronzer

The closest shade to the highlighter in the MUF Pro Sculpting Duo in 01 that I found and have in my collection is the Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminator in 001 Glowing Pink. 
Sadly, it was limited edition but I wanted to show you a comparison anyway, in case you have it at home.

Bronzer Comparison

f.l.t.r.: MUF Pro Sculpting Duo 01 Bronzer, MAC LE Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder, Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer #52

The two bronzers that I found to be the closest to the one in the MUF duo are the limited edition MAC x Rihanna "Love, Rihanna" bronzer and the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer in the shade #52.

The texture an pigmentation on the MakeUp Forever bronzer is definitely a lot nicer than the other two, it also is just a little bit warmer than the others. You can see, the MAC bronzer is a bit darker and the Bourjois is a bit more cool toned than the MUF.

All in all I am really excited for this product to be in my make up collection. I think it is definitely worth checking out their face products since they do an amazing job with those.

xox, Julia

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