Topshop Glow Cream Highlight in Polished // REVIEW

I'm very excited for today's review because I absolutely adore the product I'm going to talk about today. We're talking about the Topshop Beauty "Glow", which is basically their cream highlighter in the shade "Polished".

I have been looking for a nice cream or liquid highlighter for quite some time. I tried the Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter which is alright, I also tried the Benefit Watt's Up which is a great stick highlighter, I really like it for the summer time when I have a tan, doesn't work quite right with my super fair skin in the winter time though. I also tried the NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator in the shade Sunbeam which didn't blow me out of my socks either.

Usually I don't get along with cream products all that well, I always find that they don't blend as seamlessly as I'd like them to or they don't give a glowy enough highlight for my taste.

But then I found the Topshop Beauty Glow.


The product comes in a little glass pot in a matte finish, the lid is also in a matte finish but in a white, beige colour. All the way around the lid there are little black stars and on the top it says "GLOW Topshop". It comes with 4g of product which I think is alright for a cream highlighter, I don't think products like highlighter or blush are products that you go through all that quickly anyway. Especially with cream products in a pot, I'd rather have a little amount of product that I can actually use up instead of having to throw it away at some point, barely used, because it dried out.

I personally like the packaging, it feels quite expensive too. I don't know, heavy glass pots and bottles especially with matte finish just have a luxurious vibe to them. I love it.

Product Description

The highlight itself is more of a mousse than a solid cream. It feels really nice when you put your finger inside and get the product out. I understand that for some people, pot make up products are a lot less hygienic that a squeezy tube or a straight up powder product because you constantly open up the product, you stick your fingers in, it gets bacteria in it a lot quicker than any other make up product. I personally never really had issues with that though.

If you prefer, you could use a clean synthetic make up brush, preferably for the eyes because they are smaller and can get inside the pot a lot better. I prefer to use the product with my fingers though.

It is very pigmented and blends out super nicely. The colour is more of a light pinkish, bit of super settle gold and silver sheen kind of colour. I find it really hard to describe, just look for yourself in the swatches or real life. I find this colour works really great with my fair skin though.


It feels so lightweight and nice on the skin. It's just so easy to blend, it's amazing.

It's definitely buildable even though it is quite pigmented but if you blend it out heavily, you can definitely wear it with just a subtle sheen on your cheeks.

It does contain glitter which you can't really notice when you swatch it, but in the right lighting you can definitely notice glitter particles on your face, especially once the highlighter starts to fade off during the day. Then usually, you end up with the glitter staying on your face and the shine/glow fading off. Unless you set the cream with a powder highlighter on top.

Also, I find that with my texture and pores on my nose, I can't really pull of highlighter on the tip of my nose, especially if it is a powder highlighter because it will emphasize the texture even more and draw attention to it, which is not what I want. With this highlighter though, I find that even highlighting the tip of my nose looks gorgeous. It doesn't emphasize the texture too much, it just brightens up my entire face without making my skin look textured.


If you are looking for a cream highlighter, definitely check this one out. It makes the skin look so healthy and glowy, it can be worn more sheer or heavily, depending on the amount of product you use and how heavily you blend it into the skin.

It also comes in a more bronze, darker shade called "Gleam" which is great for deep skin tones.

Hope you found this review helpful and I cannot wait to see you next week!

xox, Julia

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