The Original Club Handbag Organizer // REVIEW

If you visit my blog regularly, you know a few months back I bought a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 B. The bag fits quite a lot of stuff and since it has more of a slouchy, relaxed structure, it can become just one big black hole of things. Basically, I ended up not finding my things anymore and decided that I was in need of a handbag organizer.

I watch quite a few Youtube videos on different brands that do them and I decided to go with Original Club (x(others brands for example would be Samorga or Cloversac) because the pricing and shipping ended up just being a lot cheaper for me than if I were to buy one somewhere else.

1. The Company, Original Club

Original Club has a lot of different style options for bag organizers, as well as different handbrands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc. and you can choose between a felt organizer (which is the one that I got) and a leather organizer which are softer and not as stiff as the felt ones are. So if you like the slouchy look of your handbag, a leather one would work a lot better for you.

Depending on the size you need, you can customize your organizer if they don't sell the size for your handbag, or you can choose the handbag that you own and they will send you the right size for it. Also, if you have any special wishes on the pockets - you can also send in a customized order and they will do it for you.

They were also nice enough to give me a 15% coupon code for my readers, so if you want, you can use my code "SEPTEMBER30" at checkout, valid until September 30th (I don't make any commission, it's just for you).

2. The Organizer

My package arrived really quickly within just a few days, it was in a basic plastic wrapping, but the organizer itself came in a little dustbag with the brand name on it which I thought was a cute little touch. 

The organizer size for the Speedy 30 fit perfectly inside my handbag, also the colour was pretty much like I expected it to be. All in all I was really happy with what I got.

It comes with a total of 8 pockets which was exactly what I wanted. On the outside there is one big pocket that could fit an mini ipad or a small notebook, then on the inside of the organizer there are two smaller pockets on each side, as well as a "bottle holder" like they call it. I thought that was very handy if you do actually want to take a bottle of water with you, or you can store your facial sprays or deodorant in there as well if you carry either of them with you. On the outside again are two more smaller pockets the same size as the other 4.

I feel like the quality of the felt is really nice, it's quite a stiff felt so if you like structure in your Speedy, definitely check out Original Club. I also find the pockets to all be a great size, it's super handy to have a big pocket for your notebook or ipad, you could also slide in your passport if you wanted to. Even the inside pockets are a decent size, they fit things nicely and not too tight. 

One time I ordered a cheap organizer from Amazon and the pockets were quite small and tight, so it was a mission to even get your things in and out of the pockets. Needless to say, I sent that one back.

3. Conclusion

At the end of the day, I have nothing negative to say about Original Club or their organizers. The company is amazing, they are so quickly to respond to your messages and try their best to help you if you have questions.

Am I happy with my purchase though? No, solely for the stiffness of the felt organizers. It truly is my own fault, but I realized that I love the Speedy B for it's slouchy look, if I just throw it on my shoulders and leave it open, it gives it a relaxed, laid-back vibe which I enjoy so putting the felt organizer inside makes it loose that look. I wish I had gone for a leather organizer which are super soft so I reckon they let the Speedy keep it's natural slouchy shape.

It's definitely great if you mainly use your Speedy as a top-handle bag, but for me, I got the Bandouliere (shoulder strap) version because I mainly wanted to use it on my shoulders and with the handbag organizer inside, I just feel like wearing it on your shoulders does not look right (on me anyways). 

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with Original Club, their customer service and the quality of their items. If you like structured handbags, definitely go with a felt organizer, they are lovely made, look pretty high quality and have so many options on how you want the pockets to be divided. If you like slouchy handbags but still need it to be organized inside, definitely go with their leather organizers.

If you want to check out the exact model of organizer I got, you can find it here, the colour I got is called "Mocha". 

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