Louis Vuitton // The Birth of Modern Luxury

If you couldn't tell by the amount of blogposts I have written in the past couple of months about Louis Vuitton items, I have news for you - I am utterly obsessed with the brand, their history and of course their variety of beautiful items they do.

I've always loved the fact that whenever you look for an item at a Louis Vuitton boutique, the sales assistant is going to tell you about the history of the item you're looking to purchase, as well as the history of the canvas you are choosing. There is just something so fascinating and beautiful about the history of luxury brands and luxury goods that I probably love more than the items they sell (lol). I also think that it makes it more special and you fall in love with a brand so much more when you hear about the history that lies behind it.

I knew I wanted to get a book about Louis Vuitton at some point in time, I just could not decide on which one. I'd always stroll around on Amazon, look at all the amazing designer brand books and lust over them, but I knew I had to get one on Louis Vuitton. It's the first luxury brand that I came in contact with, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Since christmas is not even 3 months away now (wow, time flies so fast) I decided to ask for it as a christmas present once I was sure I wanted Louis Vuitton - The Birth of Modern Luxury. As you can tell by this post, I did not get this as a christmas present, my lovely fiancé decided to get it for me early.

It's a beautiful, heavy and big book with luxurious feeling pages inside and even the outside is made beautifully. They definitely did a good job with that. It's the perfect size for a coffee table book and has lots of photographs inside so you can just flip through it.

The book itself is all about the history, literally. It starts off by introducing you to the actual history of Paris at that time, how Louis Vuitton went there at a very young age trying to find work and continues with the evolution of the brand, Louis starting it off in 1854 producing trunks etc. After Louis Vuitton who created the brand, it takes you through the lives of Georges Vuitton and later Gaston-Louis.

There's also parts in the book about the evolution of the different canvases in Monogram and Damier Ebene, when they were first introduced and the reasoning behind them. You can look at old displays from the shop, get to see different old models of their bags too - it's just all in all a very interesting book.

I find it to be beautifully made, it's well thought out and the photos are great too, with each one you also get an explanation on what the photograph is actually showing you. There is enough information in everything, but not too much to where it starts to bore you.

If you're a collector and lux-lover like I am, I think it's such a great book to own and I'm super happy to have it in my collection.

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