How To: Look Stylish On A Budget

The struggle is so real when you're on a certain budget but still want to look fashionable and keep up with the latest trends you keep seeing on Instagram and other social media platforms. I have gathered a few tips on how you can look stylish and put together any day even when you're on a budget.

1. Invest in classic pieces

If you do have a little more to spend or for you personally, fashion is important, I recommend you to invest in the classic pieces that will be in style for many years to come and already have been in style for years.

For example such a classic piece could be a little black dress, a pair of black high heels (pumps or a strappy sandal depending on which flatters your feet more or what you prefer to wear), a leather jacket, a blazer that fits your body shape, a pair of denim jeans etc.

If you invest in those certain pieces, they will last you forever because they're made of higher quality material and they will also probably never go out of style. So if you think about the cost per wear - classic pieces always win.

2. Quality over Quantity

I think it's important to always check the quality of the items you are purchasing. If you think about purchasing a black leather jacket, you might want to go for a leather version rather than PVC, the same goes for a nice pair of black boots - leather will last you just so much longer.

It also applies to t-shirts or sweaters. If you think about it, a lot of cheaper sweaters you can find at H&M or Primark, they usually are a bit itchy or they're the type of material that makes you sweat a lot but also really set free that body odor and make you smell really bad within an hour of wearing it. That's when you know you probably did not buy the best of material. I personally stay away from sweaters that contain a lot of Acryl or Polyacryl, I find most of the time it looks quite cheap and I just never had a good experience with jumpers that were mostly made of Polyacryl.

But just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it's going to be nice to wear. Especially wool and other materials you can get from any type of sheep, they're usually quite itchy and to me that's one of the worst feelings. I absolutely cannot stand a itchy top.

3. Get your basics

This goes hand in hand with number 1 but it's just really important to have your basics. If you have the right basic clothing items, your outfit is pretty much done.

A few basics that I think everyone should have in their closet and I personally couldn't live without are a pair of dark blue denim jeans, a black leather jacket, a black or white sleeveless shirt, a black or white t-shirt, a neutral coloured camisole (silk), black heels, a denim jacket, black ankle boots, a denim skirt or shorts (whatever you are more comfortable in).

If you put on a nice fitting pair of dark denim and add a light coloured silk cami, your outfit is nearly done. All you have to do is add a pop of something, depending on what the occasion is or what look you are trying to create. That's what basics are for. You still look fashionable wearing just a basic shirt and a pair of denim bottoms but if you want to give your outfit that certain something, you can layer on top of your "basic outfit" which brings me to my 4th tip.

4. Layering

Once you have your basic pieces together and can create a nice outfit with them, it's time to layer and build onto that.

You can either layer with your other basics such as a leather jacket for when it's a bit cooler outside, you could add a pair of basic black heels if you want to look a bit more dressed up, add a denim jacket for a more casual vibe, maybe wear some black booties.

But if you still want to experiment with trends, layering is the way to go. Right now silver shoes are very on trend, as well as velvet and patent are a big thing right now, also I have seen a lot of faux fur jackets. All those trendy pieces can usually be found at cheaper places like H&M, Primark, etc. for an affordable price so when you go for those trends, maybe check the cheaper places first.

5. Clean Clothes

This may sound ridiculous and like it's an obvious tip I don't need to mention - but I'm doing it anyway because a lot of people don't pay attention to it.

What I'm talking about is having your clothes look clean and neat. If you're wearing white, make sure it's actually white and didn't already turn this off white colour. Also iron your clothes if they are wrinkly, there is nothing worse than someone wearing an amazing blouse that's got wrinkles all over - it can ruin your whole outfit. Black jeans for example tend to collect a lot of fluff on them, so make sure that's not the case when you wear them, no animal hair of fluff. You can also bring a lint roller so you can roll over your black jeans from time to time.

6. Accessorize

Once you have your clothes on, you can now think about the accessorize you want to put on. If you already have a lot going on with your clothes, have a lot of colour or different layers, you want to stick with minimal jewelry. Try to add a dainty necklace, maybe a small ring or two and you're good to go. Don't over-accessorize with big hoop earings, a big statement necklace, a bracelet and rings on every other finger. Try to choose minimal looking jewelry and also stick with one or two pieces.

If your outfit is very plain, you can put on more daring accessorize like a statement necklace or a big chunky bracelet.

When it comes to matching silver or gold, I think both of them go well with any colour, it honestly depends on which one you prefer to wear. But like I said with over-accessorizing, if your outfit is very bold already, stick with either one of them. If your outfit is more casual and plain, you can definitely mix silver and gold jewelry - I personally love the look of them mixed.

7. Physical Appearance

If you want to look put together, it's also important that your physical appearance is at it's best. Which does not mean you have to pile on a ton of make up. It just means that you should have your hair brushed, if it's looking a bit rough, just put it in a sleek ponytail and you're automatically look a lot more put together. Make sure your nails are looking nice, no chipped nail polish allowed! 

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