My Luxury Handbag Collection // 2019

I've been adding quite a bit of handbags to my collection this year and it just keeps growing and growing. The end of 2018 is coming so what better time than to share my entire luxury handbag collection. And before you wonder, yes there is a specific order in which I'm going - in order of the date I purchased these bags (no favourite/least favourite order here).

1. Louis Vuitton Alma BB, Damier Ebene

It was my first ever luxury handbag I purchased. I got it for myself I believe for my 21st birthday in January time, which is now nearly 3 years ago and for that it has held up pretty amazingly. The first year I had it, I basically wore it every single day for a complete year straight until I got my second luxury handbag.

2. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30, Monogram

This handbag purchase was 100% inspired by heyyyjune on Instagram. I followed her Youtube channel for a while and when I went over to her Instagram, she had tons of photos of her styling her Speedy B 30 in Monogram, looking so darn good that I got obsessed. She also has the Damier Ebene classic Speedy which looked just as fabulous but considering I already had my Alma BB in DE, I decided to get the Monogram instead (also, they only had Monogram in stock that day and if you know me, you know I hate to wait on things LOL).

I got this bag in summer of 2017 and absolutely loved using it but when fall/winter came around, I really didn't use it anymore because I was so scared of rain ruining the vachetta leather which lead me to my 3rd luxury handbag purchase.

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30, Damier Ebene

Like I said, I loved my Speedy in Monogram that much, I just had to have it in Damier Ebene as well for the fall and winter months. Damier Ebene is a lot more carefree with the treated dark leather that does not stain from water and cleans very easily which makes it a perfect canvas for that time. So obviously, I did buy that in the late months of 2017.

4. Saint Laurent Toy Loulou, black with silver HW

In 2018 I really wanted to take a step back from Louis Vuitton and look at the things that other luxury designers have to offer. I did get a lot of SLGs in 2017 that were all Louis Vuitton as well so I really needed a little break from LV.

I stumbled upon this Saint Laurent bag and thought it was such a perfect everyday bag, especially in the black with silver hardware. I love crossbody bags (which you can definitely tell looking at my handbag collection) and this one was not too expensive either so I couldn't say no. I use it a lot when I travel because it's such a easy, sight-seeing bag that holds the essentials and isn't heavy at all.

This bag comes in so many different colours as well, there's definitely a colour for everyone. I know they also do it in black with gold hardware now for people who prefer gold hardware over silver. It comes in a lot of light colours like white, baby pink, beige, taupe etc. so perfect for neutral lovers but they also do pops of colours like a bright red, burgundy and blue (the burgundy is gorgeous btw). I think the Toy Loulou is a great first designer bag as well.

5. Celine Micro Luggage, black pebbled leather

Quite an unexpected handbag for me because I love my crossbody bags, I cannot stand hand-held bags because when I need to be hands-free, I'm going mad if I can't put my bag somewhere. But Celine bags (Phoebe Philo's designs) are such classic, iconic bags. I loved the Luggage ever since I saw it a few years ago, I knew I had to have one in my collection. I decided that black pebbled leather would be the most versatile and durable so I went with that and never did I regret it.

I got this bag in May 2018 and ever since the day I got it, I've been using it daily for work. It's such a good size for basic work days, I would recommend the Mini size more if you need to carry a laptop to work or a lot of paperwork but for "normal" work (carrying a water bottle, your lunch etc) the Micro works perfectly fine. It also holds up beautifully, didn't loose it's structure and the corners are doing pretty good as well.

It honestly might be one of my favourite handbags in my collection, I'm even thinking of adding a Mini Luggage in black smooth leather to my collection at some point. I can imagine it'd be a great bag for travels.

6. Celine Nano Belt Bag, light taupe

If you ask me what my favourite luxury brand is, definitely 100%, hands-down it is Celine. I know there is a big controversy with Phoebe Philo being gone now and Hedi taking over Celine, and trust me, I'm not loving that either. But Celine under Phoebe Philo has my top favourite luxury pieces, not only handbags but SLGs and sunglasses, jewelry, everything. She designed such classic, elegant and understated pieces, I can't get enough.

So obviously I had to get another Phoebe Philo piece before Hedi took over Celine completely with his logo change and everything.

In September this year my fiancé and I went to Munich for me to check out the Belt Bag in person. I wasn't sure which exact size I wanted or what colour, all I knew was that the design of that bag is adorable and so unique, it's another one of my absolute favourites. In the boutique I tried on the Nano and Micro size in light taupe, grey and black and first decided that the Micro size is not for me. I found it too big for a crossbody bag and the strap length is not adjustable so the length on me was quite awkward as well.

The Nano was the perfect size because even though it looks so tiny compared to the other sizes, it fits a ton and actually isn't that tiny compared to actual mini bags. It even fits a full size wallet and your other essentials. The SA let me put in my stuff to see if it was big enough for my needs - gurl, no doubt about it. It fits all my daily essentials and still has room for more. I went with the light taupe in the end since all my handbags are black or dark Damier Ebene so I wanted a light shade for a change.

I was really worried about colour transfer but I had no issues so far even though I wear dark denim jeans on a daily basis. I also thought it might not go with a lot of outfits but my wardrobe is very neutral so it actually goes with pretty much anything.

7. Celine Nano Belt Bag, grey

Yes, I loved my light taupe one so much that I ended up getting the exact same bag in grey as well. I wanted either black or grey but ended up with grey because 1. it is quite a dark grey so it seemed just as versatile as black and 2. I wanted the Mini Belt in black (which I did also add to my collection but ended up selling again literally 2 days after).

I was right though about the fact that the grey would be just as versatile as black since it really is such a dark grey and neutral toned shade, not too warm and not too cool toned, perfectly in the middle for me.

8. Balenciaga Metallic Edge City, black suede

My newest bag in my collection was definitely inspired by Suzie from hellooctober. She is the only person on social media I have ever seen with this exact bag and she's been killing every single look wearing that bag.

I've wanted a Balenciaga City every since I was like 14 when I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus and the other Disney stars. All you'd ever see them carry were the old-school Balenciaga City bags. I thought they looked so freaking cool but the price was heartbreaking for my little 14-year old self. As I got older, I also got over old City look but when Balenciaga introduced the Metallic Edge line, I fell in love again. Even though their leathers are extremely soft and slouchy, the metallic edge kind of gives these cool bags more of a classy look and I loved that. When I saw the suede version though, OMG. Suede wears absolutely horrible and is so hard to care for but it was just so beautiful. Unfortunately Balenciaga no longer makes the suede Metallic Edge City and if they ever show up on the pre-loved market the suede is looking really darn rough for the high price.

I recently checked again for pre-loved Balenciaga City bags and saw this black Metallic Edge in black suede in really good condition, I just could not pass it up. It just recently arrived early December so I haven't had too much experience with it yet but I fell in love as soon as I opened the dustbag. I wasn't that sure of it once I ordered it, I did a bit more research and couldn't find that much so I was worried. But truly, as soon as I opened it I knew I loved that bag.

If you want to shop designer, I recommend, especially if you are in Europe. Their range is fantastic, they have amazing return policies and their sales are amazing. If you want to sign up there, you can use my referral link here and get 40€ off of your first order :)

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