TOP FIVE FRIDAY // Lipsticks

Another instalment of my TFF series, and even posted on the right day, haha. Anyway, I can certainly say I barely ever wear lipstick but when I do, I want it to be comfortable on my lips because I have extremely dry lips so let me show you my favourites.

1. MAC Satin Lipstick "Faux"

This has been my favourite lipstick for years and years. It's the perfect shade for me as it looks a lot like my natural lip colour but just a bit better and with more coverage. I personally like mauve toned lipsticks a lot more than a brown/beige nudes. I think it's a lot more flattering with the minimal make-up I wear day-to-day and works better with my fair skin. Another thing to note - it's the only lipstick that I have ever used up completely and had to rebuy.. guess I really do love it.

You can purchase it on DouglasAsos (don't forget that you can get 10% off on Asos with StudentBeans, definitely register if you're a student to save some money) or LookFantastic.

2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine "Boy"

This is very similar in tone to the MAC lipstick but it's a completely different finish. It's very shiny like the name would suggest and doesn't last as long on the lips. It is also quite sheer and gives off just the right amount of coverage. I love this especially when I just want a wash of colour on my lips to make them look a bit fuller and juicier. It's very comfortable on the lips and super easy to just slap on without a mirror and be good to go. It's definitely always with me in my handbag.

3. MAC Cremesheen "Creme d'Nude"

Another MAC lipstick that I love is Creme d'Nude. It actually was one of the first three MAC lipsticks I ever bought (my very first one was Creme Cup, my second one was the red Viva Glam Rihanna). I like this one because it's very comfortable on the lips, I'd even say Cremesheen and Satin are my favourite finishes. The colour is very light but I find it still works nicely with my fair skin, somehow the more neutral tone of it works a lot better with my skin tone than a more peachy shade would. Again, because it's a Cremesheen finish, it is not the most long-lasting lipstick but I'd rather re-apply my lipstick a few times a day than having it dry out my lips completely.

You can purchase it now on Douglas or Asos (don't forget so sign up on StudentBeans to get 10% off on Asos).

4. MAC Love Me Lipstick "Laissez-faire"

Yes, more MAC lipsticks haha I think by now you can guess my favourite lipstick brand. This one is part of their Love Me lipstick range which they came out with back in 2019, so still a somewhat new addition to them. This shade is very similar to Faux but a bit creamier I'd say. As for the colour, for me personally, I prefer to wear Faux but I mean, how cute is the packaging on their Love Me lipsticks? 

Here is a direct swatch of both of them together. You can see they're pretty much the exact same colour just with a different finish.

f.t.t.b.: MAC Love Me Lipstick in "Laissez-faire", MAC Satin Lipstick in "Faux"

Get it now on DouglasAsos (sign up on StudentBeans to get 10% off on Asos) or LookFantastic.

5. Pat McGrath MatteTrance "1995"

Against everything I said about liking creamy, more glossy and hydrating lipsticks, I'm now naming the Pat McGrath MatteTrance lipstick as one of my favourite. Sometimes I just feel like wearing a matte lip, you know exactly what I'm talking about. There are days where you finish your makeup and you know a matte lip would complete the look now. Well, for me that is when I'll use the Pat McGrath lipstick in the shade 1995. I may actually be just a tiny bit biased because 1995 is my birth year and I love when products have something to do with my star sign or birth year/month. The colour of this one is quite a bit darker than the rest of my lipsticks but I'd still call it a nude. The name 1995 does represent the colour very nicely, it's for sure a 90's shade. 

This is a full-on matte formula that will last on your lips for hours. I have extremely dry lips to begin with so I find it a little uncomfortable after some time and I do have to pack on some lip balm after I take my makeup off in the evening but that's really just me with my super dry lips. If you have a normal moisture level, I think you'll be fine.

I'm happy to announce that you can finally get Pat McGrath on Douglas or on Niche-Beauty.

f.t.t.b.: MAC Satin "Faux", Chanel Coco Shine "Boy", MAC Cremesheen "Creme d'Nude", MAC Love Me "Laissez-faire", Pat McGrath "1995"

Don't forget to let me know if you have any of these or tell me your favourites down below.

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