Jaclyn Cosmetics (Jaclyn Hill) Bronze & Blushing Duos

After what feels like forever, I finally received my order from Jaclyn Cosmetics. I was super excited when she announced that she's coming out with blush and bronzer duos. Even though I'm not the biggest blush person, I absolutely love bronzer and the colours she came out with for the blushes also looked stunning so I could not resist.

The packaging

My first impression of the packaging online was that it looks really luxe, when I received it myself I loved the outer unicarton with the rose gold colour and the white lettering. The product packaging itself is very heavy, the glossy black looks nice too but overall I feel like the plastic looks a bit cheap. Also it is extremely bulky, there is so much plastic packaging around the actual product, it's a bit unnecessary. Especially if you have a lot of makeup in your collection, storing that big of a product is a bit annoying if we're being honest. Also when I think about travelling (I know, I know, we don't do that right now but imagine when we're back to normal life), I think the idea of a blush&bronzer duo is great for travels but it's just so big that it would be easier to bring just two individual products.

I understand the aesthetic behind it but overall I wish the packaging was different. If you compare it to her holiday launch with the silver and white packaging, that one felt a lot nicer and more expensive in my opinion. Even though the highlighting palette in that collection is massive too, I feel like it made more sense in a 4 product palette to make it this big.. with that collection now the product also looks a lot tinier in that big packaging. 

I do love the mirror though, it is nice and big (obviously) and the quality of the mirror is really nice too. Trust me, not all mirrors are the same, especially in makeup products but these ones are extremely good.

The product

Jaclyn wrote on her packaging "Build a flawlessly blended, sunkissed bronze look with these blurring bronzer and blush shades." And I do see what she means with this.

Like her baked highlighters she launched with her holiday collection, these blushes and bronzers were also baked the exact same way her highlighters are, all three come all the way from Italy too, even on the packaging it says these products were made in Italy.

Personally I am a big fan of her baked formula, I absolutely love her highlighters, they are one of my favourite highlighters in my entire collection. With these the difference I would say lies in the pigmentation. Her highlighters are extremely pigmented while the bronzer and blush are quite sheer but buildable. I personally love a sheer blush because I'd rather have just a tiny flush of colour than a big pink stripe on my face. 

Same thing with the bronzers, they are very sheer but buildable which is exactly what makes them so "flawlessly blended". These powders are super fine and just glide onto your face. I love the baked formula because it just blends so easily on the face and it also has just a tiny bit of sheen which is great if you have dry skin like I do. What should also be mentioned though, these do have a lot of kickback in the pan (but that is normal for baked formulas). I personally do not mind that but I thought it needs to be mentioned since a lot of people hate powder kickback.

I ordered two different shades, one of the lightest duos "Pink Me Up & Oh Honey" and a more medium duo with the shades "Warm Flush & Golden Goddess". I just loved the look of the blush so much on the swatches and review videos that I watched on the collection, I needed to get the "Warm Flush" blush.

Comparing both of the duos now, I definitely think I didn't have to get two different ones. First of all, I am not big on pink blushes like the "Pink Me Up" shade, I literally got it because I am super fair and didn't know how the bronzer from the other duo would work for my skintone.

left: Pink Me Up/Oh Honey, right: Warm Flush/Golden Goddess

Since the formula is so sheer, they almost look identical. I mean, you can see a different (which you'll also see in the swatches) but it is so minimal, I don't think anyone would be able to tell a difference on your actual face. If you look closely, you will be able to tell that the first duo is a bit lighter and more cool toned, while the second duo leans a lot warmer, especially with the blush but I just don't think it is necessary to get two different shades as a normal person.

The shades "Pink Me Up/Oh Honey"

The shades "Warm Flush/Golden Goddess"

Like I said, the lighter duo is not my favourite and if I only had to choose one, I'd go for the Warm Flush/Golden Goddess duo. I mean just look at the blush shade, it's absolutely stunning. That gorgeous warm apricot tone with a slight shimmer running through, it's dreamy.

f.l.t.r.: Pink Me Up, Oh Honey, Warm Flush, Golden Goddess

Keep in mind that even though it's super obvious that they are two different duos on the arm swatches, you really have to dig into the product several times to get a colour payoff like that. If you use the product on your face, you'd definitely not dip in so many times and the colour would not be this pigmented. That's why I just think if you use the product on your face, nobody would really be able to see so much of a difference, especially with the bronzer.


I am glad I picked up her bronze & blushing duos to give them a try, they are a lovely formula which is also great for makeup beginners because it's almost impossible to go overboard with these. 

They have a nice sheen to them which I absolutely love and obviously that's what Jaclyn is all about. She is known for her glowy, highlighted skin so of course her face products will give you an effortless glowing from within type of look but it's not too much so I would also recommend these for people with oily skin too.

If I could do one thing differently though, I'd just go for one duo instead of two because they're still $36 each which is a lot of money for most people. 

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