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If you follow my blog for quite a while, you'd know that Jaclyn Hill is my all time favourite beauty guru, fashionista, youtuber, internet person.. whatever you want to call her. To me, she can do no wrong (sure, everyone does something wrong and makes mistakes, and so does Jaclyn.. but I won't stop supporting her because I just think she's so much more than what people make her out to be).

Anyway, after her failed lipstick launch, she recently came out with a limited edition holiday collection all about DAT GLOW.. and we all know who loves to glow. Exactly, me. And Jaclyn. If Jaclyn doesn't know how a good highlighter needs to be, I don't know who else would. She's been the glow queen ever since her collaboration with Becca, so of course I had to grab some pieces from the collection as well.

In total, she came out with three different highlighter formulas which each has a seperate brush to go with it. A highlighter palette (two different shades, retails for $49), loose highlighters (five different shades, retail for $24) and a luminous powder (five shades, retail for $32). The brushes can be bought individually or as a trio (retails for $54) which has a better value.

1. Accent Light Highlighter Palette

Like I said, the palette comes in two different shades, one for fair to medium skin tones ("The Flash") and one suited perfectly for darker skin tones ("The Flare") with four different highlighting colours in each palette.

Since I have very light porcelain skin, I went with the light coloured palette called "The Flash". The shade selection is very nice and I feel like I could get use out of all four shades in there at some point, which is very rare for face palettes.

The first shade called "Gleam" is a beaming pearly shade which I'll probably get the most use out of. The second shade is "Iced", which has a more pink, champagne undertone than the first one. The next shade is called "Spark$" which is the gold shade in this palette. I'm usually not the biggest fan of gold highlighters because they're usually too deep for my fair skin with a strong yellow reflection but this shade looks very nice and works nicely even for fair people. Last but not least is the shade "Mesmerized" a soft peach shade that is too deep for me as a highlighter right now, but could easily be used very lightly on the cheeks as a blush topper if you want to be extra glowy.

The formula itself is very butter considering that these are baked highlighters. Usually I'm not into baked highlighters because they feel a bit chalky and don't have a lot of pigment, while these do absolutely not. They have the nicest baked formula I have ever come across. These highlighters are not chalky at all and are extremely pigmented.

2. Beaming Light Loose Highlighter

For the loose highlighters, there are 5 different shades going from the lightest, iced shade called "Extra" to a deep bronze shade called "Megawatt". There is also another gold shade in this formula called "Bomb" and two more peachy pink shade called "High Volt" and "Amped" for medium to deep skin tones.

Obviously I went with the lightest shade "Extra" and that name describes it absolutely perfect. This loose highlighter is EXTRA. If you want to glow to the heavens doors, you will. Even though I have pretty much white paper skin, this still shows up a ton on me.

Loose highlighters are always a lot more pigmented and glowy than pressed highlighters, but with these in particular, you need the tiniest amount of product. I reckon this product will last you a lifetime.

The powder itself feels very soft and applies nicely to the skin, if you do have a lot of texture or pores on your cheeks/cheekbones, you should use this product very lightly because if you use too much, it will accentuate the texture/pores on your cheeks.

For reference I thought I'd compare the Jaclyn one to two other famous loose highlighters that I also have at home. One is the Artist Couture "Coco Bling" and the other one is Kylie Cosmetics "Santorini". All three are very similar in colour, but the Artist Couture has a lot more glitter in it and seems to be just a little more sheer in formula compared to the Jaclyn and Kylie Cosmetics.

f.l.t.r.: Jaclyn Cosmetics Loose Highlighter "Extra", Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder "Coco Bling", Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow "Santorini"

3. Mood Light Luminous Powder

Just like the loose highlighters, this formula comes in 5 different shades again, ranging from the fairest shade called "Dew Me" to a deep bronze with the name "Feelin' It".

For this formula I decided to buy two because I wasn't sure which undertone would look the best for my skin tone and I also thought a luminous powder has always been missing from my collection so why not buy two, especially if they're limited edition. So I got the shades "Dew Me" with a more nude, yellowish undertone and "Brighten Up" being the more pinky shade of the two.

If you follow Jaclyn, you know she's been talking about this Lancome Absolue Powder that costs $60 which also has this radiant sheen but apparently can only be found in the USA (at least I couldn't find it online in Europe at all). I wanted to try that for the longest time but when she came out with her own Luminous Powder, I knew I had to get them. Obviously I have never tried the Lancome version but from Jaclyn's reviews and videos, it does seem very similar to her Mood Light Luminous Powder.

The powders feel very smooth and soft, they have a really nice texture compared to a lot of loose face powders. Usually they feel quite powdery and chalky but these feel super soft and smoothing which Jaclyn also described them to be smoothing in her reveal video. Apparently there is a special ingredient in these to smooth out the pores and lines on your face and I can definitely see that.

I think if you use a lot of it, you can look a bit too glowy quite quickly but if you have dry skin like me, a glowy powder is a must have. I tried so many different powders because I just hate looking dry and cakey but with this powder, you get such a nice healthy radiant finish, I absolutely adore it.

f.l.t.r.: Jaclyn Cosmetics Mood Light Powder in "Dew Me" and "Brighten Up"

As you can hopefully see from the swatches, the shade "Dew Me" has a lot more yellow understones, while the more pinky "Brighten Up" shade blends into my cool toned skin a lot more and is barely noticeable other than the glowy sheen it gives my skin.

If I could have only gotten one product, it would have probably been the highlighter palette because I just love pressed highlighters. They are way easier to use than a loose highlighter so I recommend it over the loose highlighters she came out with. And even though I love the face powders a lot, if I had to decide between buying a face powder or a highlighter, a face powder just doesn't seem as exciting to me. But all in all, I'm very happy with the products I bought and I fully recommend them all.

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