Staying Strong // A different kind of Blogpost

Just yesterday I saw a video of a little boy, Jonathan, diagnosed with so called Epidermolysis Bullosa which causes his whole skin to blister and peel off of his body. It looks like he's been in a massive fire but he hasn't. If you want to know more about Jonathan and his story, here is the video (x) I saw and if you want to donate money to help Jonathan and other people diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa, you can do that here (x). 

Coloured Raine // Liquid Lipsticks

Hello beauties!

Today I'm bringing you my review of the ColouredRaine liquid lipsticks that I recently stumbled across while I was browsing through Instagram. I decided to pick up three of their more nude shades because I love nudes and I just get a lot more wear and use out of them than I would with a pink or purple shade.

New In // Jewelry Haul

Hello lovelies!

Since I have been doing a lot of jewelry shopping lately, I decided to show you a little haul of all the things I purchased recently. All of these items are from Etsy, I will link all the details and Etsy shops below so if any of you want to get some of these things, you can.