Coloured Raine // Liquid Lipsticks

Hello beauties!

Today I'm bringing you my review of the ColouredRaine liquid lipsticks that I recently stumbled across while I was browsing through Instagram. I decided to pick up three of their more nude shades because I love nudes and I just get a lot more wear and use out of them than I would with a pink or purple shade.

The three shades that I decided to pick up are the shades Sugar, which is the more true nude, the shade Mars which is a mauve colour kind of like Dose of Colors "Stone", and the last shade I got was 24Seven which is a darker, redish mauve color which I personally do not own anything like it.

f.l.t.r.: Sugar, Mars, 24Seven


I have to be honest, the packaging is quite a turn off for me. I find that the pink top and the font that the company name is written makes it look quite cheap. I do like that the bottles are clear so you can see the colour from the outside which makes it easier to find the right shade you want to wear.

Colour Selection

The colour selection they offer on their site is pretty amazing. They have nice nude shades as well as orange, red shades as well as pinks, purples, browns and some really dark, vampy shades too. I even think they have like a royal blue kind of colour. So really, there is something for everyone.


Just like the Dose of Colours liquid lipsticks, these are really pigmented. They are opaque and I personally do not need to go in with a second or third layer, I can just do a swipe on my bottom, a swipe on my top lip and put the lipstick away. I don't need to go in a second time.

Feel / Lasting Power

I do find that you have ot work quickly with these because I find these dry quite fast. They do dry completely matte though and they feel surprisingly comfortable on the lips. I personally find these to be one of the least drying liquid lipsticks I own.

f.l.t.r.: Sugar, Mars, 24Seven

I would recommend these to anyone who wants to try out liquid lipsticks, since they're not as expensive as some other known brands out there. I am really happy with their shade range and the shades I got are absolutely stunning.

They are launching a few more shades and I will definitely need to pick up a few more of these soon!

xox, Julia

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