Castor Oil for longer Lashes: Myth or Truth?

Many of you may have heard about castor oil and how it is supposed to make your lashes and/or brows grow just like all those lash/brow serums like RevitaLash or RapidLash. 

But is it just a myth or does it actually work?

I really wanted my lashes and brows to grow, but didn't want to spend all this money on RevitaLash or any other lash serum brands (even though I read so many good reviews but I was just not willing to pay this much money on a lash serum). So one day I was watching a review on RevitaLash on Youtube and came across a comment saying castor oil would work just as good as any lash serum and of course it is way cheaper. Those lash serums (for whatever reason) are hella expensive and I am definitely not willing to pay all this money on something just because it's supposed to make my lashes grow, I'd rather spend my money on false lashes then.

So I did a bit of research on castor oil and read reviews, articles, anything I could possibly find to see if it actually works for other people and people had mixed feelings about it. For some it did work, other would say it didn't do anything for them. Which is why I decided to get myself some castor oil in our local pharmacy.

I am pretty sure I got it last Saturday (I am writing this today, Wednesday), which means I have been using it for 4 days now on my lashes as well as my eyebrows. I use a spooly to apply the oil to my lashes and brows, like I will put the spooly in the bottle, get a bit of the excess off because it is quite a thick oil and then I comb it through my brows and lashes and go to bed. In the morning I will take a washcloth with water and massage my eyes and brows to get the excess oil off and then I go on and wash my face with my cleanser like I normally would.

The first morning all I really noticed was that it did a good job at moisturizing my brow area which is usually very dry. I kept using it the following nights and after 4 days I can already see my brows growing, I feel like there have never been so much new brow hairs in this short amount of time. I am trying to grow my brows out just a little bit and we all know it can get real messy if you have all those little baby brow hairs sticking out everywhere and it looks hilarious just 'cause they won't grow. But within those 4 days those hairs have actually grown so quick and growing out my brows seems so much easier now. Also my lashes look a lot healthier and a bit longer as well, especially noticable on my bottom lashes which are normally very short and on my left eye I barely even have any but they've grown to pretty long bottom lashes now.

I definitely recommend castor oil if you want to grow your lashes/brows, especially because it is super affordable and a tiny bottle lasts you forever. If it doesn't work for you, at least you didn't lose too much money, I think I paid 3€ for my bottle which is a bargain compared to lash serums that cost 50-100€ and I do not trust those because I am not sure of all the ingredients in them.

Also the castor oil did not irritate my eyes in any way. I do recommend using it at night though because you might get a bit of oil in your eyes and then you're going to see a bit blurry.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and hopefully it was helpful to some of you :)

- Julia

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