Glossybox January 2015 // UNBOXING

Today my Glossybox for the month of January 2015 finally arrived! So as usual, I thought I'd do a little unboxing for you guys in case you ever decide to get yourself a Glossybox subscription as well! This month's Glossybox theme is "Body & Soul" which makes it sound like there's going to be more all over body products rather than just make-up things.

Let's get into detail about the products, shall we?

Nivea Diamond Volume Shampoo: This is a full size hair shampoo that retails for 2,95€. I like to try out new shampoo's, you can never have too many shampoos in my opinion. I have never tried this one out but I am excited to use it. I love volume shampoos but they're quite a hit and miss, it's either really good or it sucks and weights my hair down completely. I hope this one's good

Absolute New York Garlic Nail Treatment: This is a full size product as well that retails for 8,99€. It's a nail treatment with garlic and safflower oil. You can use it as a base before applying nail polish or you can just use it on it's own. It's not an oil, it does dry like a normal nail polish would and makes your nails shiny. I've used it today already, I can't tell a lot of difference yet but I'll keep using it as a base for nail polish anyway

MONU Skincare Firming Fiji Facial Oil: This is a full size product as well which retails for 9,85€. As the name would suggest, it is an facial oil. I have already used it and even though I am very sceptical about putting oils on my face, I did enjoy it. It doesn't make my skin feel greasy or oily, it makes it feel very moisturized and nice. 

Diadermine N°110 Serum de BeautĂ© Eyes: This is a full size product just as the others were (as you can see, Glossybox usually puts in full size products or just very decent sized samples). This retails for 17,99€ (that's expensive gurl). It is an eye serum for people around the age of 30-50 but I'm going to use it anyway because I am all about my eyes and the wrinkles. My eye area is very dry and that makes my concealer look horrible which is why I always try new eye creams. Also I have a few little creases and wrinkles under my eyes and it's always good to keep it moisturized so there are not going to be more wrinkles over time.

Royal Apothic Tinties: As usual, full size product that retails for 13,40€. It is a lip butter in the colour "Coral". It is a nice colour I must say, I have not tried it on my lips yet but swatched on my hand it gives off a decent amout of colour. But I am usually not a big fan of lip products in pots. The only pots I like are the Nivea lip butters (which I got in a Glossybox some months ago). I have to play around a bit more but right now it does not look like it would be a good moisturizer for your lips tbh. I'll let you know if it's any good!

Here is a close-up of all the products:

Hope you enjoyed!

- Julia

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