Gliss Kur Hyaluron Serum // REVIEW

In November's Glossybox I got the Gliss Kur Hyaluron Serum which I was keen to try out since it supposed to help damaged and thinner getting hair. My hair has been pretty damaged lately since I bleeched my ends in summer trying to make it ombre. I got loads of split ends which I never had before, so I guess it does come from bleeching.

I tried the product out for a month now and put it in whenever I washed my hair and let me tell you - this stuff is incredible. Let me tell you why.

Packaging: The serum comes in a glass bottle which I'm not a fan of since they can easily break. The lid has a pipette on top so it's super easy to put on your hand, you just have to use 1-2 drops, like it says on the back. I usually use 3-4 drops though because my hair is just very long.

Pricing: The full size product contains 60ml and retails for 9,99€ which is not really cheap in my opinion (I'm a cheap ass b*tch tbh haha) but this thing is going to last you forever - FOREVER. It's just like 3 drops you use and it contains 60ml, you're probably going to have this for a few years.

Scent: The serum smells absolutely stunning. I love the smell so much you have no idea. I wish it was a perfume so I could put it on my whole body, haha. It reminds me of this perfume a boy I used to know used to wear tbh.

Effect: This stuff is seriously incredible. It completely transformed my dry, damaged, split ends. I barely have any split ends now and when I do see a hair having a split end, I just cut it off since that's what the hair dresser is doing as well. It does not leave the hair sticky or oily or anything bad. It does not weight my hair down either (which happens very easily since my hair is just really long, products usually weight it down but now this serum). I have been loving this so much, I love using it just to prevent my hair from getting split ends again and to prevent it from getting dry as well since my hair does tend to get quite dry in the ends, especially in the winter time. It is seriously worth every penny. Good job Schwarzkopf, and good job Glossybox - thanks for putting this in your November box!

- Julia


  1. Thank you very much for your review!I was looking for it.I have a lot of split and damage hair,I hope that this product will work on my hair.By the way,when you used the product?In dry hair or wet?Or both?


    1. On dry hair, after I blow dried it. I put it on my brushed, dry hair and then I brush my hair again to make sure the product is spread evenly