Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette // REVIEW

Today I am sharing my little (and late) review on the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I finally got myself to buy this beauty. I wanted it ever since it came out but we all know, Urban Decay is a little pricey so I put off buying it for the longest time but now I finally own it! 

General: This palette retails for 45,95€ and contains 12 completely new shades, none of them are in the other Naked palette and there are all rosy-purple toned colours. The first Naked palette was more on the warmer side of nudes and browns, while Naked 2 was a bit more cool tones, still nudes and browns with some silver colours as well. This one is complete different from the other two palettes though.

Here is a little close-up of the colours in this palette:

Eyeshadows Quality & Pigmentation: I do find that with the very glitterly, shimmery eyeshadows in the Naked palettes you do get quite some fall-out which can be quite annoying so I recommend to do your eye make-up first and then do the rest of the face, as well as if you get some fall-out, just take a clean fluffy make-up brush and brush it off which usually works completely fine.
But as we all know from Urban Decay and their eyeshadows, the quality itself is amazing, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and blendable, just a dream to work with tbh. I do find that the palette is worth it's price if you are into more girly, rosy toned eyeshadows.

I also have some swatches for you ("Strange" doesn't really show up on my arms):

Conclusion: I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadows and I definitely think their Naked palettes are worth their money IF you like the colours. Of course if you don't like rosy, pink eyeshadows and never wear them - this is not the palette for you and it won't be worth the money. But if you do enjoy the colours in the Naked 3 palette, you should definitely get it.

Hope you enjoyed <3


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