My MAC Palette // A Tour

Hello beauties!
Recently I got my MAC Pro Palette and of course I had to shop for refills right away and fill it up real quick. It is not fully done yet, but I am happy with all the eyeshadows it contains right now so I thought I might as well give you a little tour through my palette.

First of all I have to say that I never really thought MAC eyeshadows are worth the money. Tbh, I have never even tried them but I thought people that spend 14€ on an eyeshadow refill must be crazy. But then one day I just decided to go get a pro palette to fill up, first I only wanted to get a 4x pan one because I thought I'd never spend all that money to fill up a 15x pan but well, here we are now. Screw the 4x pan eyeshadow palette, ain't nobody got time for that. MAC shadows have amazing quality and there are so many different finishes as well, just like their lipsticks do. So there is an eyeshadow finish for everyone.

Frost: Frost shadows have a shimmer to them, they are not glittery though. They give a very nice sheen, just about right for everyday use. Might as well be my favourite finish of MAC shadows.
Lustre: I do not own any Lustre finish eyeshadows but from what I have heard, Lustre is one of the least favourite finishes by MAC. They are dry but glittery so they tend to have a lot of fallout. They do have some sweet colours though.
Matte: Matte eyeshadows are, as the name would suggest, matte. Amazing for the crease or the outer corner to deepen up the look.
Matte²: [matte squared] These shadows are just as matte as the normal Matte finish would be, but they are a lot smoother, basically an improvement of the actual Matte finish
Satin: Satin shadows give off a nice sheen, they are not too matte and not too frosty looking. They are a great in between, also great for everyday wear.
Veluxe: Veluxe shadows are very similar to the Matte finish, but they have a smoother finish. The colour pay-off isn't as good as the Matte finish, which is great if you are a beginner and tend to still go a bit heavy on the crease shadows.
Veluxe Pearl: Very buttery shadows, also very intense and metallic looking. They are basically a more intense version of the Frost finish which makes them perfect for nights at the club (or anywhere else you want your eyeshadow to pop).
Velvet: Velvet eyeshadows can vary, they can be matte or they can be a bit mor satiny. From what I have heard, if there is glitter in a Velvet finish shadow, it might not come off on your eyelids. Nonetheless they are very pretty


Nylon / Patina / Satin Taupe / Woodwinked / Cork
Charcoal Brown / Amber Lights / Antiqued / Cranberry / Electra

Nylon / Patina / Satin Taupe

Nylon (frost): Nylon is the perfect inner corner highlight if you love yourself a good, shimmery inner corner. If you are more of the subtle kind of gal, then maybe you can go for something else. This is a light goldeny, champagne shade. Absolutely stunning and probably my most favourite shadow out of all of them.
Patina (frost): Patina is a very special and unique colour in my eyes. It's a browny, taupe colour that appears a bit greenish if you look at it closely. But it is not green by any means, it's just honestly so pretty. Patina is my go-to everyday eyeshadow. I use it all over the lid with Nylon in my inner corner and I am good to go. Patina is definitely a staple shadow in my opinion.
Satin Taupe (frost): This is a taupe colour with silver shimmer through it. It is absolutely stunning and one of my favourite lid shadows next to Patina. If you compare the two, Patina is more on the brown side while Satin Taupe leans more torwards the purple taupe.

Woodwinked / Cork / Charcoal Brown

Woodwinked (veluxe pearl): Woodwinked is the perfect shimmery, metallic golden brown shade I have seen. This shade is especially amazing for people with blue eyes (or green).
Cork (satin): Cork reminds me a lot of the colour Naked by Urban Decay, just a tiny little bit darker and is a lot warmer. Naked is quite the cold undertone to it. An absolute must for the crease.
Charcoal Brown (matte): Charcoal Brown is used by a lot of people to fill in their eyebrows since it is a matte eyeshadow. It's a bit deeper than Cork. I would say it is your perfect classic brown shade.

Amber Lights / Antiqued / Cranberry

Amber Lights (frost): If you have blue eyes - go grab this shadows right now. This colour is so amazing. It's like a peachy, orange shade, a bit bronzy and antique looking but absolutely stunning. It does contain shimmer, as it is a frost finish. Perfect shade if you love warm, bronzy eyeshadow looks.
Antiqued (veluxe pearl): Red brown with shimmer, so amazing for the fall/autumn time as well, especially for green or blue eyes. The name is very accurate for this eyeshadow, if you think of rust and antique stuff - you think of this colour.
Cranberry (frost): Gorgeous shadow as well. I would describe this as a redy plum shade with  a hit of pink shimmer through it. Absolutely stunning on blue eyes as well (also green). And of course it's a fall/autumn must-have colour.

Electra / Carbon

Electra (frost): Electra is a fascinating colour to me. It is a silver with shimmer but it's not like a true silver shade to me, I find it leans a lot torwards a baby blue kind of silver if that makes any sense. Lovely colour though if you are like me and love yourself a good silver smokey eye from time to time.
Carbon (matte): Just your regular matte, black eyeshadow. Honestly a staple colour for any palette. There is no deep smokey eye without a good, matte black eyeshadow, am I right?

f.l.t.r.: Nylon, Patina, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Cork, Charcoal Brown, Amber Lights, Antiqued, Cranberry, Electra, Carbon

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it could help out some of you who have been thinking about getting their own MAC Pro Palette.

xox, Julia


  1. Der Cranberry ist soooo schön! Hach, wenn MAC nicht so teuer wäre...

    1. Check Kleiderkreisel. Ich hab einige meiner Refills dort gekauft um unter 10€ :)