NYX Liquid Illuminator // REVIEW

Today I'm bringing you a review of the NYX Liquid Illuminator. There is two different shades, 01 and 02. Mine is in the shade 01 Sunbeam. 02 Gleam is more of a rosegold highlight, where as 01 is more of a white, silver kind of highlight which looks a lot better on fair skin. 

Recently I have been on a hunt for a liquid highlighter or primer, maybe even a moisturizer that I could use before I put on foundation for a glowy, dewy finish. That's why I decided to try the NYX Liquid Illuminator, obviously because of the fact that it is cheap. So here is my review of it.

Packaging: I actually like the packaging, it looks like the primers that Smashbox does. Classic sqeezy tube where the liquid highlighter comes out. Like that it gives a short summary of what the product is right at the front.

Consistency: Very nice, it's not too liquidy and runny where you put it on your hand and if you move it, it slides around your hand but not too sticky and stiff where it's really hard to blend into the skin. It sinks into the skin very nicely, it's not sticky at all, it feels more like a moisturizer.

Effect: As you can see, 01 Sunbeam is a very light colour which is perfect for fair skin like mine. I find that it is indeed a very intense highlight actually, kind of surprised tbh. If you want to use it under foundation, like I wanted too, I personally think it is too intense for that unless you have a medium to full coverage foundation that is only going to let it shine through a little bit. If you use a more watery, low to medium coverage foundation, you're going to look like a disco ball. If you actually want to use it as an actual cheekbone highlight, this is perfect if you love a more intense look. Of course, if you use is sparely, it is going to look a lot more natural.

Summary: If you love liquid highlighters, you should definitely check out NYX Liquid Illuminators. If you have a darker complexion, you might want to go for 02 Gleam rather than 01, which is my shade here. If you want to use it underneath foundation for a nice glow, you might search for a different product and pass on this one. Also, I find it is quite similar to Benefit's Girl meets Pearl liquid highlighter. So if that one is a bit too expensive for you, check out NYX's version.

xox, Julia

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