Favourite Make-Up Brushes

Hello beauties!
Today I thought I would share with you my all time favourite make-up brushes. First of all I have to say that I do not own any high end make-up brushes because I personally think that there are just as great brushes out there for a much cheaper price.

Face Brushes

Zoeva #105 Luxe Highlight - This is my top brush for highlighting as well as contouring because it has got the right size to really get a precise contour under your cheekbones and it has a pointed tip which really helps too.

Zoeva #109 Luxe Face Paint - A really nice contour brush as well, I do not own the Nars Ita Brush because hell, this brush is expensive but I find that this might be a nice dupe for it so definitely give it a try if you have been looking for a brush that's similar to the Nars Ita one!

Zoeva #129 Luxe Fan - Love using a fan brush for my highlight. I switch between this fan brush and the Zoeva Luxe Highlight. Currently I have been using the fan brush but I have been using the other one to highlight for months before I got this one. You can never go wrong with a nice fan brush.

Real Techniques Blush Brush - Definitely my must-have brush from Real Techniques. I have been depating on whether to get a second one of this or not because I use it for bronzing up my entire face as well as my blush and if I don't have any other brush on hand, I will use it for powder as well. Such a great all-rounder in my opinion!

Eye Brushes

Ebelin Blending Brush - This is probably available in Austria/Germany but this little guy is only like 2 or 3€ and is such a great blending brush, I own three of them (mostly because I am lazy with cleaning my brushes so they are always full of eyeshadow and I go get another one instead of cleaning them, oh well). They are amazing quality for the price so if you can get your hands on it - do so!

Zoeva #221 Luxe Soft Crease - This is a quite fine, small blending brush compared to most brushes, I believe they make an even thinner one as well to be really precise in your crease. I love this because it's a great brush for a cut crease since it is so precise but also really nice to define the other corner because usually there isn't that much space on your outer corner.

Zoeva #227 Luxe Soft Definer - This one is a great dupe for the MAC 217 brush as well as the Sigma E25 which are both quite expensive compared to this one and pretty much everyone owns these two brushes. So if you don't want to spend all the money on the MAC or Sigma version, definitely pick up the Zoeva #227! I use this brush on a regular to just swipe on a bit of MAC's Patina eyeshadow all over the lid because it doesn't pick up too much product and already blends it really nicely as well, so it gives a light wash of colour on the lids. I do use it to define my crease or blend my shadows together as well since you can use it two ways because of the shape it has. Definitely a must-have eye brush!

Other Brands

Other great brands for make-up brushes that I do not own any brushes from but I know are good are
Sigma, MAC, Morphe, ELF and Nanshy!

Also, the perfect tool for foundation and concealer I ever found was the Beauty Blender and as a dupe the Ebelin Make-Up Egg. I have not ever found a make-up brush that blends foundation/concealer as natural and beautiful as a make-up sponge.

xox, Julia

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