Monthly Favourites: September 2015

Hello beauties!
It's that time of the month again, and no - I am not talking about my period. I am talking Monthly Favourites for September 2015.

Let's start with some favourite lippies of the month, shall we? Okay, good.

MAC Modesty Lipstick

I have absolutely been loving wearing darker, browny nude lipsticks rather than my all time favourite MAC lipstick in Faux which is a more mauve, pinky colour rather than a browny nude. It's a cremesheen formula but honestly doesn't feel or look like a cremesheen to me. If I had to guess what formula it was by wearing it on my lips I'd probably say it's a satin. Definitely check it out if you are into these kinds of colours!

MAC Blankety / Viva Glam II Lipsticks

Continuing with the MAC theme as well as the darker, browny nude lips I loved to wear, I also wore this lip combination quite a lot. I put Viva Glam II all over my lips, with Blankety over it, but only in the centre since it's a bit of a lighter colour than VG II. Blankety is an Amplified while Viva Glam II is a Satin. These two finishes along with the mattes are probably my favourites from MAC because the pigmentation is great, as well as the lasting power and the way they look on your lips.

f.l.t.r.: Urban Decay Stark Naked, MAC Modesty, MAC Blankety, MAC Viva Glam II

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer

Now that the weather gets colder and the sun is gone, my skin has been even paler than usual so what I loved to do this month was warm up my complexion with a bronzer. I loved the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer to do so because it has a bit of shimmer to is which does not transfer to the skin too badly so you don't look like a glittery disco ball, don't worry. It just gives an amazing finish to the skin and the pigmentation is just enough so you get a nice bronze but you cannot go overboard with it. Plus it smells like chocolate and who wouldn't want that?

Sally Hansen "Mauve Along" Nail Polish

My first Sally Hansen nail polish I have ever tried and I literally wore it for the entire month. Nothing else has come on my nails and I already know it's going to be my go-to nail polish for the fall along with some dark red nail polish for when I am feeling vampy. The formula is just great, not too runny and not too thick, the wand is wide just like the Essie polishes but I have to say it chips a lot easier on me than the Essie polishes do. Which I know it's usually the other way around for other people but on me, Essie's nail polishes last forever.

Essie Bahama Mama Nail Polish

This polish is an oldy but a goody. I should probably get rid of it and buy a new one because I'm more than halfway through and it's getting old and thick which makes it hard to apply. I have had this for years and it's still one of my favourite nail polishes ever. It's a good mix between red and purple. Even though it looks quite purple in the bottle, it comes off more of a purple red on the nails. Will probably always love this!

Urban Decay Naked 2

I just absolutely loved using this in September. It has amazing colours that you can also use for everday but also going out in the evenings. I did a whole blogpost on it a few weeks ago so if you want to see swatches and read my full thoughts on it, click here.

See you next month!

xox, Julia

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