Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // REVIEW

Hello lovelies!
Today I am bringing you a review and swatches of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I know, crazy. Everyone is making blogposts about the new UD Naked Smokey palette while I make one about the old Naked 2. But when I saw the colours of Naked Smokey I found them very similar to the Naked 1 Palette which I felt like I would not need right now, since they do cost a bit of money, you know? So I thought I'd rather purchase the 2nd palette rather than Smokey just because with Naked 1, 2 and 3 you not necessarily need the Naked Smokey palette. I might purchase it when there's a good offer but for now, I am happy with my first 3 palettes. 

But let's go into detail with UD Naked 2 now, shall we?


The palette retails for 45,95€ as well as all the other Naked palettes, and as usual, you get 12 eyeshadow shades varying between matte shades, shimmery shades and some with noticable glitter. While Naked 1 is the warm toned palette, Naked 2 is the cool toned sister to it. So depending on your skin tone and/or preferences.. go with either 1 or 2. Or if you are a make-up lover like I am, you might as well get both over time. This does have completely new shades except for Half Baked, which you can find in the Naked 1 palette as well.
What I love about Naked 2 is that it has a matte black shadow, which I always found Naked 1 is lacking.

Close-Up look on all the 12 different shades. Foxy, Tease and Blackout are the matte colours in the palette

Eyeshadow Quality & Pigmentation

With the glittery shades you do get some fall-out, but what I like to do to get it off my face is taking a sticky tape and pick up the glitter with the sticky side (obviously) and it removes the little glitter specks perfectly. The matte shades are nice, Blackout could be a little more pigmented but if you use black matte shadows to mostly darken up the outer corner, this one will do fine. I don't mind it because with black it is easy to go over-board and you do not want that with a black shadow. This one you can build up slowly which is great for beginners.
The shimmery shades are amazing, I honestly love every single colour in this palette and see myself using them all at some point, which has never been with an eyeshadow palette for me.
Foxy is the perfect shade to set your eyeshadow primer with because it barely shows up but sets the primer perfectly so the shadows you put on top can be blended super easily.
The quality of the eyeshadows is great as well, some are a bit more chalky (Foxy, Tease) and others are quite buttery (YDK especially). We all know Urban Decay knows how to do great eyeshadow palettes.

Swatches are in the exact same order like they are in the palette itself (f.l.t.r.)


Definitely my favourite Naked palette by far. I just find cool eyeshadows to be stunning, I love wearing grey and silver and goldy brown shades that have a bit of a colder undertone. If you love yourself some good cool toned eyeshadows, don't miss out on this one. I love it.

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xox, Julia

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