Since I did get a few more MAC lipsticks and they're all pretty much nude colours, I thought I would do a little comparison and swatches of all of them because I know I love seeing comparisons side by side to see how similar different colours are and if I need to own all of them (usually I do need all of them, it's a girls thing). I find these kind of posts quite useful and interesting to see, and also I find some of these lipsticks to be quite similar so I wanted to show you to give you an idea of how each of them looks.

Enough with the ramble though, let's get into the MAC lipsticks because we all know that's what you're here for!

f.l.t.r.: Creme d'Nude, Creme Cup, Pure Zen, Blankety, Modesty, Honeylove, Viva Glam II, Faux

Here is an overview of all the nude MAC lipsticks I own. You cannot tell by the picture but Pure Zen is definitely the most battered lipstick I own even though it hasn't been used that often but somehow it just didn't like the heat. 

One time I was applying it to my lips when it suddenly broke like literally the entire lipstick broke off the bullet and I know every make-up lover knows how I was feeling. Probably one of the saddest moments in my life. I tried freezing it and everything but it's looking horrible and still breaks off sometimes so I try not twisting it out too much. I know a few people have had that issue with MAC Cremesheen formulas (which Pure Zen is too), but not me. It gets very hot and sunny in the room I store my lipsticks in and they are all doing completely fine except for Pure Zen so I honestly don't know what it is.

Back to the actual colours though. 

f.l.t.r.: Creme d'Nude, Creme Cup, Pure Zen, Blankety, Modesty, Honeylove, Viva Glam II, Faux 

Creme d'Nude is the palest nude I own. It's a cremesheen formula so it's not going to give you full opacity and wash you out too much since it's got a lot of sheen and shine to it and is a bit more sheer than f.e. Myth would be. I used to love this one, it's been my clubbing lipstick that one time I even lost it at the club so I had to run out and buy a new one the next day. I don't use it that often anymore just because I like more matte lipsticks right now, as well as darker nudes and a nice pigmentation but for beginners this is a good pale nude that I would recommend to you over Myth any day.

Creme Cup was my very first MAC lipstick I bought and it's a cremesheen as well because I wanted something fresh and nude to wear everyday to uni our shopping. It was perfect for that purpose and it made me fall in love with MAC lipsticks which is why I bought another one right the next day (obviously). It's a nice pinky nude, perfect for starting make-up.

Pure Zen is like the peachy sister of Creme Cup. It's a cremesheen formula as well so it's perfect for everyday wear as well, it's not too nude as to where it washes you out so depending on your preference or skin tone you can either go with Pure Zen or Creme Cup, or both if you please.

f.l.t.r.: Creme d'Nude, Creme Cup, Pure Zen 

Blankety is an Amplified formula which has to be my favourite MAC formula with matte and satin just because I like my lipsticks to be pigmented and not too shiny so they stay put a lot longer as well. Amplified do have shine to them but they have a great lasting power and I love Blankety for when I want a browny nude lip but not too dark. Blankety is probably the lightest browny nude colour I own but I love it.

Modesty is the only Cremesheen formula from MAC that I own that does not feel or look like it at all. If you put this on without knowing it was a cremesheen you'd probably think it's amplified or satin because it has a nice pigmentation to it and it does last quite some time on the lips, also it doesn't have that classic "sheen" you would think of when hearing it's a cremesheen. It's a bit darker than Blankety and a bit more rosey toned.

Honeylove is one very popular shade and of course we all know it's matte. It can look a bit weird if your lips are dry and not moisturized because it will definitely show all the dry patches and fine lines on your lips if you didn't exfoliate/moisturize your lips before applying it. I do like it though because I love that browny nude trend right now as you can probably tell already and it's just something about it that is flattering on any skin tone really. It is more on the brown side rather than mauve though so keep that in mind!

f.l.t.r.: Blankety, Modesty, Honeylove 

Viva Glam II was my alternative to Velvet Teddy which I did own at some point but gave it away because I just found it was not flattery on my personal skin tone whatsoever. It is a Satin finish so it's not quite as drying and compared to Velvet Teddy it's just a bit lighter. I was debating on getting VT again but when I went to the MAC Store, I tried on both, one on the upper, one on the bottom lip and I find they are quite similar just Viva Glam II being a tiny bit lighter.

Faux has to be my all time favourite MAC lipstick. It's a Satin so it's quite matte looking but not as drying. It has got this really beautiful mauve tone to it that I love and Kylie Jenner obviously made popular. I do not own it's little twin sister Brave yet, I am still trying to get my hands on it to see how different/similar they are because I honestly cannot really tell from online. But since I love Faux so much I know Brave is going to be my love too. 

f.l.t.r.: Viva Glam II, Faux

So these are of my nude MAC lipsticks. I am sure there will be additions to the collection in the future but I am actually quite happy with what I got and there's no nude on my list that I really really want to get from MAC right now so it was just right to show you now!

xox, Julia

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